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vrijdag 6 oktober 2017

BBC Health: 'Hassle' for taxis to help people with disablities

'Hassle' for taxis to help people with disablities
People with disabilities claim some taxi services in Wales have refused to pick them up.
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Parents of Nottingham stillborn child call for law change
A lawyer for the couple said she had never seen "such a horrendous string of errors" in 20 years.
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Why is cancer a taboo in black and Asian communities?
BBC reporter and cancer patient Satnam Rana examines the cancer taboo among black and Asian women.
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Extreme morning sickness patients 'deserve royal standard'
Many women with the extreme form of the condition are being denied effective care, professionals say.
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Cardiff mother wins premature baby care changes
New guidance is issued to hospital staff caring for premature babies following a mother's campaign.
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