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dinsdag 24 oktober 2017

BBC Health: Cardiff dentist Mark Roberts struck off over 'basic hygiene'

Cardiff dentist Mark Roberts struck off over 'basic hygiene'
The General Dental Council found more than 20 examples of failings.
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'Serious failings' over Prince Philip Hospital death
A 79-year-old man died shortly after being declared fit for discharge at Prince Philip Hospital.
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Hackers breach top plastic surgery clinic
The clinic, based in London, is known to have had high-profile clients, including TV star Katie Price.
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Daydreaming brain network used in autopilot
The brain network associated with daydreaming plays key role in allowing us to perform tasks on autopilot, researchers find.
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Typhoid vaccine set to have 'huge impact'
Around 22 million people get typhoid fever each year and 220,000 die.
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