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vrijdag 15 september 2017

The EMBO Journal Table of Contents for 15 September 2017; Vol. 36, No. 18

15 September 2017 | Volume 36, Number 18 Submit

Table of Contents

News & Views

Volume 36, Number 18

News & Views

Recent Hi‐C studies provide a comprehensive view of chromosome dynamics throughout the cell cycle, highlighting stage‐specific genome structure and the orchestrating role played by SMC complexes.

Christopher Barrington, Dubravka Pezic and Suzana Hadjur
Published online 04.09.2017 Open Access


Three recent cryo‐EM structures of the RNA polymerase I Pre‐Initiation Complex reveal differences and similarities in transcription initiation between RNA Pol I and II.

Laura Jochem, Ewan P Ramsay and Alessandro Vannini
Published online 25.08.2017


Shlush et al show that acute myeloid leukemia relapse can be traced back to rare cancer stem cells pre‐existing at diagnosis.

Carsten Bahr, Nádia C Correia and Andreas Trumpp
Published online 21.08.2017


As part of our focus series on metabolism, this review discusses the physiological role of NAD+ and the potential therapeutic effects of increasing NAD+ levels.

Elena Katsyuba and Johan Auwerx
Published online 07.08.2017


Hi‐C analysis at 15 distinct synchronization stages provides a comprehensive map of chromosome dynamics throughout the budding yeast cell cycle, and illustrates how SMC complexes control chromosome looping.

Luciana Lazar‐Stefanita, Vittore F Scolari, Guillaume Mercy, Héloise Muller, Thomas M Guérin, Agnès Thierry, Julien Mozziconacci and Romain Koszul
Published online 20.07.2017 Open Access


A cryo‐EM structure of the 18‐subunit RNA polymerase I pre‐initiation complexes reveals an unusual DNA arrangement and illustrates how conserved features are used differently in RNA Pol I and Pol II.

Yashar Sadian, Lucas Tafur, Jan Kosinski, Arjen J Jakobi, Rene Wetzel, Katarzyna Buczak, Wim JH Hagen, Martin Beck, Carsten Sachse and Christoph W Müller
Published online 24.07.2017 Open Access


Imaging of live cell nuclei reveals the existence of separate free and chromatin‐bound pools of co‐activator complexes SAGA and ATAC, with chromatin association regulated by H3K4 methylation levels.

Nikolaos Vosnakis, Marc Koch, Elisabeth Scheer, Pascal Kessler, Yves Mély, Pascal Didier and László Tora
Published online 19.07.2017 Open Access


H4K20 methylation by PR‐Set7 and Suv4‐20h methyltransferases does not by itself specify mammalian replication origins, but enhances licensing and activation at defined sequences.

Julien Brustel, Nina Kirstein, Fanny Izard, Charlotte Grimaud, Paulina Prorok, Christelle Cayrou, Gunnar Schotta, Alhassan F Abdelsamie, Jérôme Déjardin, Marcel Méchali, Giuseppe Baldacci, Claude Sardet, Jean‐Charles Cadoret, Aloys Schepers and Eric Julien
Published online 04.08.2017


Predisposing pancreatic β‐cells to autoimmune pathology may be an adverse outcome of innate immune defenses against rotavirus, a candidate virus linked to triggering type 1 diabetes.

Yu Dou, Howard CH Yim, Carl D Kirkwood, Bryan RG Williams and Anthony J Sadler
Published online 29.08.2017


A systems‐based analysis reveals crosstalk between pattern‐ and effector‐triggered plant immunity that enables modification of immune responses based on efficacy of early immune responses.

Noriyuki Hatsugai, Daisuke Igarashi, Keisuke Mase, You Lu, Yayoi Tsuda, Suma Chakravarthy, Hai‐Lei Wei, Joseph W Foley, Alan Collmer, Jane Glazebrook and Fumiaki Katagiri
Published online 15.08.2017


Spatial working memory and flexible relearning requires the formation and function of hetero‐multimeric complexes of specific TRP channels in the mouse brain.

Jenny Bröker‐Lai, Astrid Kollewe, Barbara Schindeldecker, Jörg Pohle, Vivan Nguyen Chi, Ilka Mathar, Raul Guzman, Yvonne Schwarz, Alan Lai, Petra Weißgerber, Herbert Schwegler, Alexander Dietrich, Martin Both, Rolf Sprengel, Andreas Draguhn, Georg Köhr, Bernd Fakler, Veit Flockerzi, Dieter Bruns and Marc Freichel
Published online 08.08.2017


GTPase Rab35 directs autophagy receptor NDP52 recruitment to ubiquitinated targets, thereby facilitating xenophagy, mitophagy and autophagosome maturation.

Atsuko Minowa‐Nozawa, Takashi Nozawa, Keiko Okamoto‐Furuta, Haruyasu Kohda and Ichiro Nakagawa
Published online 28.08.2017

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