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vrijdag 15 september 2017

New cancer care 'passport' for London’s nurses launched

New cancer care 'passport' for London's nurses launched
A "cancer care passport" has been launched for the capital's oncology specialist nurses, so they can demonstrate they are qualified and competent to deliver systemic anti-cancer therapy (SACT).
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Unions demand 3.9% pay rise for NHS plus £800 lump sum
Unions representing nurses and other NHS workers are appealing directly to the government for staff to receive a 3.9% pay rise, in line with inflation, plus an £800 lump sum.
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Patients at risk of diabetes 'need intensive lifestyle support'
Patients deemed to be at the highest risk of developing type 2 diabetes should be offered a place on an intensive lifestyle change programme, according to latest guidance.
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Trust giving out 'wallets full of vital pregnancy information'
Pregnant women in South Yorkshire are being given a wallet full of "vital tips and information" by Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, due to work with local charities.
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Trust adopts new visiting policy for dementia patient families
A Midlands trust has adopted a policy of allowing the relatives of dementia patients to remain on its wards outside of normal visiting hours and help staff with personal care.
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Nurses warning of antimicrobial resistance 'ineffective in ads'
Evidence that the public are more likely to listen to animated characters than real clinicians on key messages around the use of antibiotics has sparked a new approach to campaigns by Public Health England.
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