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zaterdag 30 september 2017

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90th edition of the REACH Competent Authority e-bulletin

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Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of Chemicals (REACH) eBulletin

Registration 2018

IUCLID Cloud – webinar; tutorials; new webpage

ECHA has published the following:

  • Webinar - a recording of the ECHA webinar held on 20th September. This introduced the ECHA Cloud services; showing how to subscribe to the cloud, manage your account, use the cloud and create a dossier.
  • Tutorials - a series of online video tutorials explaining different aspects and functionalities of the Cloud services. These may be of particular interest to those considering using IUCLID Cloud in preparing their dossiers for the 2018 Registration deadline.
  • New webpage - online information on how to create registration dossiers with the IUCLID Cloud for SMEs.

Regulatory activity

Applications for Authorisation
To date a total of 100 authorisations have been granted.
The European Commission has granted authorisations for the following:

  • Chromium trioxide and dichromium tris (chromate) (Nexter Mechanics and Nexter Systems) Decision
  • Bis(2-methoxyethyl)ether (diglyme) (Novartis Ringaskiddy Limited) Decision
  • Lead chromate (Etienne Lacroix Tous Artifices SA) Decision
  • Chromium trioxide (two uses by Praxair Surface Technologies GmbH) Decision

Committees' opinions on applications for authorisation available
The consolidated opinions of the Committees for Risk Assessment and Socio-economic Analysis for the following uses are available on ECHA's website:

  • two uses of chromium trioxide by Hansgrohe SE
  • two uses of chromium trioxide and one use of sodium dichromate by ZF Luftfahrttechnik GmbH

Amendment to REACH Restrictions – Annex XVII

The European Commission has amended the appendices to REACH Annex XVII to include new substances. Substances in the relevant appendices are covered by restriction in entries 28-30 which prohibit the placing on the market or use for supply to the general public of substances classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic or reproductive toxicant (CMR), category 1A or 1B, and of mixtures containing such substances in specified concentrations. Suppliers are reminded to check if restriction updates are applicable to them. Further details are found in the Commission Regulation.


Call for evidence on Dechlorane PlusTM (DP)

The UK has submitted a proposal to identify DP as a SVHC. The purpose of this call for evidence is to gather information to help make informed decisions about the need for additional regulatory risk management actions. Interested parties are invited to submit information via a questionnaire available online. The deadline for comments is 20 October 2017.


Consultation to identify 9 SVHCs 

A consultation is now open on proposals to identify 9 new SVHCs. Information on the substances and their uses are available on ECHA's website. The deadline for comments is 20 October 2017.


Forthcoming consultation on scientific evaluation of occupational exposure limits (OELs) for acrylonitrile, benzene, and nickel and its compounds starting

On 9 October 2017, ECHA plan to launch a public consultation on scientific evaluation OELs for acrylonitrile, benzene, and nickel and its compounds. ECHA invites comments on the scientific underpinning for the OELs as well as on the draft opinions of RAC. The opinions are to be sent to the Commission by 28 March 2018. Due to the strict timeline, the public consultation takes only four weeks and will end on 6 November. Further information is available online.

Reports, Guidance & Updates

External report published on dossier updates

This report, commissioned by ECHA, examines the challenges and incentives for updating REACH and CLP dossiers and identifies best practice that could help companies improve their data. This report suggests that more clarity is needed on how the registration process works, what needs to be updated and by whom. Further details including a link to the study report are available on ECHA's website.


ECHA report published on socio-economic impacts of REACH authorisations

This report which looks at applications for authorisation shows the that the requirements for authorisation have reduced chemicals risks to workers and the general population whilst allowing industry sectors to continue the use of SVHCs where substitution is currently not possible. Further details including a link to the report are available on ECHA's website.


Form update - to help describe the manufacturing process of UVCB substances

Substances of unknown or variable composition, complex reaction products or biological materials (UVCB substances) are identified by, among other things, the description of the manufacturing process. The form, which was first published in June, has now been updated. With the update, ECHA hope to target EU importers and give clearer instructions on how to report the information in IUCLID. Information on how to identify your substance including relevant links to the form is available on ECHA's website.


New web page: on Petroleum and Coal stream Substances (PetCo) Working Group

A new page describing the work of the PetCo Working Group has been published. The PetCo Working Group is a platform for exchanges between authorities and industry. It aims to ensure that progress is made in improving registration dossiers and in further regulating petroleum and coal stream substances where necessary. Further information on the role, activities and participation in the working group are available on the new page.


Certain ECHA web forms closed from 6 October with REACH-IT online submission available from 7 November

ECHA is modernising the online submission interface for:

  • Substance in articles notifications;
  • Downstream user notifications of authorised uses and downstream user reports for unsupported uses.

The web forms will be closed from 6 October in order to prepare for the transition to the online submission interface of REACH-IT. During this interruption, notification through REACH-IT (using IUCLID) will run normally. If you require further details, then you can contact the ECHA Helpdesk by selecting 'Technical support', then 'REACH-IT'.


Webinar: communicating about substances in articles (2 November)

This webinar aims to explain the communication and notification obligations that EU importers, producers and suppliers of articles may have when their articles contain Candidate List substances. A particular focus will be given to complex objects made up of more than one article. There will be an opportunity to ask questions. Further details including how to register are available on ECHA's website.


ECHA conference on Applications for Authorisation (13-14 November)

The aim of this conference is to assess the evolution and achievements of the authorisation process. This is in terms of the progression of substitution, proper control of risks and cost-effectiveness. Registration is open until 9 October. Further details are available from ECHA's website.

Free guidance on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation & restriction of CHemicals regulations is available on HSE's website.


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