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maandag 11 september 2017

BBC Health: Sepsis: Some NHS hospitals missing treatment target

Sepsis: Some NHS hospitals missing treatment target
The health secretary says the NHS in England must improve sepsis treatment and screening.
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Psychiatric care is postcode lottery, say medical experts
The huge variation means good quality care cannot be delivered, says the Royal College of Psychiatrists.
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Prescription drug pregabalin linked to death rise
A BBC investigation has seen first-hand of the devastating impact of the prescription drug pregabalin which has 'flooded' the black market.
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Living with pain
Alison Morton was 25 when she was diagnosed with an illness that leaves her with constant pain and profound fatigue.
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Folkestone GP practices apply to close lists amid safety fears
The practices say that amid a GP shortage taking on any more patients would put people at risk.
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