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zaterdag 30 september 2017

BBC Health: 'Mentally impaired' missing out on council tax discount

'Mentally impaired' missing out on council tax discount
Local councils are accused of being slow to offer help and information to those eligible.
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Mum blames politicians for child's spinal surgery wait
A 14-year-old County Antrim girl with scoliosis of the spine may have operation delayed by a year.
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NHS agrees to fund 'life-changing' drug for seven-year-old
The child has a rare condition which could cause brain damage if his diet is not controlled.
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Schools allowed to keep spare allergy pens under new law
Children with severe allergies will have access to a spare adrenaline auto-injector in an emergency.
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Mental health: 10 charts on the scale of the problem
Ten charts that show how mental illness affects people in the UK.
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