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zaterdag 9 september 2017

BBC Health: Girl's donated organs help a record eight people

Girl's donated organs help a record eight people
The parents of Jemima Layzell, 13, said they were very proud of her legacy.
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Reality Check: Does debt interest cost more than NHS pay?
A look at the sums behind Theresa May's claim in Parliament.
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Powerful painkiller use 'doubled in 15 years'
One in 20 people is being prescribed potentially addictive painkillers for too long with little benefit, says report.
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NHS warns on social media trolls during terror attacks
The guide alerts people to internet trolls, but also highlights the positives of social media.
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Soft option
Amie drank 30 pints a weekend to "keep up with the boys" - but now she has had no alcohol for 16 months.
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