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vrijdag 4 augustus 2017

The Lancet: [Articles] TAS-102 plus bevacizumab for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer refractory to standard...

[Articles] TAS-102 plus bevacizumab for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer refractory to standard therapies (C-TASK FORCE): an investigator-initiated, open-label, single-arm, multicentre, phase 1/2 study
TAS-102 plus bevacizumab has promising activity with manageable safety, suggesting that this combination might become a potential treatment option for patients with metastatic colorectal cancer in a refractory setting.
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[Comment] Androgen deprivation in prostate cancer: first do no harm
The use of androgen-deprivation therapy for treatment of non-metastatic, recurrent prostate cancer after local therapy is heavily debated, given the risks of treatment for the sake of controlling a disease that might not lead to life-threatening consequences. Findings from studies done almost 20 years ago had shown the survival benefits of early initiation of androgen-deprivation therapy compared with waiting for the appearance of symptoms or metastatic spread.1–3 Most of these landmark studies were done before the availability of testing for prostate-specific antigen (PSA), but nevertheless lead to widespread use of androgen-deprivation therapy in early, biochemically recurrent disease following local therapy.
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[Articles] First-line selective internal radiotherapy plus chemotherapy versus chemotherapy alone in patients with liver metastases from colorectal cancer (FOXFIRE, SIRFLOX, and FOXFIRE-Global): a combined analysis of three multicentre, randomised, phase 3 trials
Addition of SIRT to first-line FOLFOX chemotherapy for patients with liver-only and liver-dominant metastatic colorectal cancer did not improve overall survival compared with that for FOLFOX alone. Therefore, early use of SIRT in combination with chemotherapy in unselected patients with metastatic colorectal cancer cannot be recommended. To further define the role of SIRT in metastatic colorectal cancer, careful patient selection and studies investigating the role of SIRT as consolidation therapy after chemotherapy are needed.
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[News] Haploidentical donor transplants in ALL
According to new research, haploidentical donor (HID) transplants result in similar survival outcomes compared with HLA-matched sibling donor (MSD) transplants and HLA-matched unrelated donor (MUD) transplants in adult patients with standard-risk acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL) who are in the first complete remission.
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[Comment] Selective internal radiotherapy in advanced colorectal cancer: only for right-sided tumours?
Colorectal cancer is a biologically unique tumour entity; in 30–40% of patients, metastases are confined exclusively to the liver, lung, or both, with or without minor additional lymph node involvement. Different from all other tumour types, R0-resection of these lesions is not always followed by systemic relapse in other regions, therefore this local approach is—despite systemic spread of the disease—leads to a potentially curative resection in up to 61% of patients.1,2 Therefore, locoregional treatment of metastases is of key importance.
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