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vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

The Lancet: [Articles] Nodal stage migration and prognosis in anal cancer: a systematic review, meta-regression, and ...

[Articles] Nodal stage migration and prognosis in anal cancer: a systematic review, meta-regression, and simulation study
We describe a consequence of staging misclassification in anal cancer that we have termed reduced prognostic discrimination. We used this new observation to infer that the LNP proportions of more than 30% seen in modern clinical series (11 out of 15 studies with a median year since 2007) are higher than the true LNP proportion. The introduction of new staging technologies in oncology might misclassify true disease stage, spuriously informing disease management and ultimately increasing the risk of overtreatment.
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[Comment] Nodal status and survival in anal cancer
In The Lancet Oncology, Hema Sekhar and colleagues1 describe a well designed, large-scale systematic review and meta-regression in anal cancer and their observation of an interesting phenomenon in stage migration and its effect on overall survival. After reviewing 62 studies that included more than 10 000 patients with anal cancer, the investigators noted a progressive increase in the proportion of patients with more advanced disease over time, particularly with the detection of more lymph-node positive disease.
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[News] Integrative sequencing of metastatic cancer
Metastatic spread is the most common cause of death from cancer and is difficult to treat. A new study has now provided information on the molecular landscape of metastatic cancer through whole-exome and whole-transcriptome sequencing.
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[News] Arsenic trioxide consolidation in APL
According to new research, addition of arsenic trioxide consolidation cycles into a multicycle chemotherapy regimen for paediatric acute promyelocytic leukaemia is associated with improved outcomes.
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[News] Individualised adaptive radiotherapy in liver cancer
According to new research in patients with liver cancer, biomarker-based individualised adaptive radiation therapy is safe and results in local tumour control, representing a new strategy for personalised cancer therapy.
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