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vrijdag 25 augustus 2017

Seated upper body exercises ‘could reduce diabetes risk’

Seated upper body exercises 'could reduce diabetes risk'
Breaking up long periods of restful sitting with short, frequent bouts of simple seated arm exercises can benefit obese patients at high risk of type 2 diabetes, according to UK researchers.
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Practice nurses urged to promote 'brisk walking' via app
Public health officials are hoping a new "app" will encourage people aged 40 to 60 to incorporate a brisk 10-minute walk into their daily life.
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Faulty insulin pen batches recalled over risk of cracking
Nurses with diabetes patients who use NovoPen Echo and NovoPen 5 should check to see if the devices are included in a company-led recall due to the risk of a fault.
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Children 'unsafe in classroom' due to school nurse cuts
Children with long-term conditions are now "at risk in the classroom" due to the accelerating loss of school nurses, according to the Royal College of Nursing.
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Just 11 mins mindfulness training helps drinkers cut back
Brief training in mindfulness strategies could help heavy drinkers start to cut back on alcohol consumption, according to UK researchers.
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Former Pop Idol judge named new president of CPHVA
Broadcaster and presenter Carrie Grant has been appointed as the new president of the Community Practitioners' and Health Visitors' Association (CPHVA).
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