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woensdag 2 augustus 2017

RCOA: RCoA/NIHR Research Awards 2017

RCoA/NIHR Research Awards 2017

The RCoA is pleased to announce three joint awards in conjunction with the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Clinical Research Network (CRN). The awards are designed to recognise NHS clinicians (consultants and trainees) who are making outstanding contributions to clinical research, particularly in relation to NIHR CRN portfolio research studies.

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Response to recent news reports regarding fentanyl

The Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) and The Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) are concerned with misinformation included in recent news reports regarding the drug fentanyl.

The recreational use of fentanyl, often mixed with other illicit drugs, is a serious concern and we support all efforts to eliminate the misuse of this drug outside of a clinical setting.

However, we want to reassure patients of the safety of fentanyl when prescribed by their doctor or administered by an anaesthetist in a hospital.

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