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dinsdag 22 augustus 2017

Nursing educator gains breakthrough ‘scientist recognition’

Nursing educator gains breakthrough 'scientist recognition'
Samantha McCormack, who teaches wound care techniques at Bucks New University, has become the first simulation technician to gain recognition as a "professional scientist".
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Pioneering new nurse service for young cancer patients
A charity is working with health boards in Scotland to recruit specialist nurses for a new outreach service designed to ensure all teenagers and young adults with cancer get help and support.
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Thousands registering for new Scottish baby boxes
Almost 10,000 parents have registered to receive a "baby box" and more than 500 have been delivered in the first week of the national roll-out, according to the Scottish government.
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Dementia patients 'commonly' attend A&E in last year of life
Accident and emergency attendance among patients with dementia in the last year of life is both "common" and has increased over time, warn UK researchers.
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Warning over 'potentially unreliable' HIV home test kits
An HIV/AIDS home test kit being sold in the UK may be producing false results, leading to warnings that people who have used the product should get checked at a sexual health clinic or GP practice.
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Northern Ireland's nursing workforce grows but turnover high
The number of nurses and midwives working in health and care services in Northern Ireland continues to climb but turnover is high, with nearly 1,300 leaving in the past year, new figures show.
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