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donderdag 10 augustus 2017

Nature Reviews Chemistry Contents August 2017 Volume 1 Number 8

Nature Reviews Chemistry

Nature Catalysis is a new online-only journal that will publish work on all areas of catalysis. The journal will provide coverage of the science and business of catalysis research, creating a unique journal for scientists, engineers, and researchers in industry. Nature Catalysis is launching in January 2018 and is now open for submissions. 


Table of Contents: August 2017

Research Highlights

Research Highlight | 19 July 2017

Electrocatalysis: Reduced ring makes catalyst sing

Christopher Windle

Nature Reviews Chemistry 1, Article number: 0062 |  doi:10.1038/s41570-017-0062

Research Highlight | 26 July 2017

Reaction mechanisms: Computing reactions in a qubit

Gabriella Graziano

Nature Reviews Chemistry 1, Article number: 0064 |  doi:10.1038/s41570-017-0064

Research Highlight | 02 August 2017

Total synthesis: Closing the box on (+)-dendrowardol C

Mina Razzak

Nature Reviews Chemistry 1, Article number: 0067 |  doi:10.1038/s41570-017-0067

Reviews and Perspectives

Review Article | 09 August 2017

The active template approach to interlocked molecules

Mathieu Denis & Stephen M. Goldup

Nature Reviews Chemistry 1, Article number: 0061 |  doi:10.1038/s41570-017-0061

Review Article | 09 August 2017

Surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy for in vivo biosensing

Stacey Laing, Lauren E. Jamieson, Karen Faulds & Duncan Graham

Nature Reviews Chemistry 1, Article number: 0060 |  doi:10.1038/s41570-017-0060

Review Article | 09 August 2017

Evolution of macromolecular complexity in drug delivery systems

Ashok Kakkar, Giovanni Traverso, Omid C. Farokhzad, Ralph Weissleder & Robert Langer

Nature Reviews Chemistry 1, Article number: 0063 |  doi:10.1038/s41570-017-0063

Perspective | 19 July 2017

Dimeric magnesium(I) β-diketiminates: a new class of quasi-universal reducing agent

Cameron Jones

Nature Reviews Chemistry 1, Article number: 0059 |  doi:10.1038/s41570-017-0059

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