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donderdag 24 augustus 2017

Nature News highlights: 24 August 2017

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  24 August 2017    

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Scientists solve mystery of US Civil War submarine

23 August 2017

Blast from Hunley's own torpedo probably killed its crew instantly. Read More


US science envoy resigns to protest Trump policies

23 August 2017

Energy researcher Daniel Kammen faults US president's positions on climate change and energy and his failure to condemn white supremacists. Read More


Oldest ice, censorship row and Yemen's cholera emergency

23 August 2017

The week in science: 18–24 August 2017. Read More

  • More Stories  

Ultra-small antennas point way to miniature brain implants

23 August 2017

Radio-wave receivers shrunk to one-hundredth their original size. Read More


Creeping earth could hold secret to deadly landslides

23 August 2017

Scientists investigate why mountain slopes can slip slowly for years and then suddenly speed up, with potentially fatal effects. Read More


How machine learning could help to improve climate forecasts

23 August 2017

Mixing artificial intelligence with climate science helps researchers to identify previously unknown atmospheric processes and rank climate models. Read More


To reduce gender biases, acknowledge them

22 August 2017

A former Google engineer's memo on diversity reveals psychological blind spots, not biological differences, says Debbie Chachra. Read More


Mysteries of turbulence unravelled

21 August 2017

Simulations follow how swirls in a fluid transfer and dissipate energy. Read More


Martian weather kicks into high gear at night

21 August 2017

Sundown sparks blustery snowstorms in the Red Planet's lower atmosphere. Read More


Theft of South African relics riles researchers

21 August 2017

Efforts to relocate artefacts to sites of origin could stall after gold robbery at national park. Read More


US government disbands climate-science advisory committee

20 August 2017

Panel sought to help businesses and state and local governments prepare for the effects of global warming. Read More


Anglers' online boasts reveal illegal shark hunting

18 August 2017

Researchers fear sport fishing is a serious threat to endangered species — but study of Internet forum also finds awareness of environmental issues. Read More


Supernova's messy birth casts doubt on reliability of astronomical yardstick

17 August 2017

Brightness of exploding stars may vary more than researchers realized. Read More


Opioid emergency, climate language and a frozen fruit cake

16 August 2017

The week in science: 11–17 August 2017. Read More


California scientists push to create massive climate-research programme

16 August 2017

Effort backed by the state's flagship universities comes as US President Donald Trump shrugs
off global warming. Read More

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