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vrijdag 18 augustus 2017

England’s chief nurse to oversee health service in the capital

England's chief nurse to oversee health service in the capital
NHS England has announced this morning that chief nursing officer Professor Jane Cummings will take charge of its London region for the foreseeable future.
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Major London trust short of nurses in 'most departments'
A trust in London has "significant shortages" of medical, nursing and allied health professional staff in most departments, which are affecting care delivery and patient safety, according to regulators.
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Senior nurse appointed to new regulatory role for London
Angela Thompson has been appointed director of nursing and deputy regional chief nurse for NHS Improvement's London region.
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Patient numbers on mixed-sex wards doubles since last year
The number of patients in mixed-sex wards last month was more than double that at the same point last year, prompting opposition parties to criticise ministers for dropping a pledge to eliminate them.
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Children sleeping hour less at 'higher risk of type 2 diabetes'
Children who sleep on average one hour less a night have higher risk factors for type 2 diabetes, including higher levels of blood glucose and insulin resistance, according to UK researchers.
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Older cancer patients disagree with their carers on capability
Older cancer patients and their carers often differ in their assessment of physical ability, with caregivers generally rating the patient's physical function as poorer, according to a study.
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