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donderdag 3 augustus 2017

Comment: ‘Carers, along with patients, should be at the heart of care’

Comment: 'Carers, along with patients, should be at the heart of care'
Helen Croft wants carers to become involved in co-designing services
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Comment: 'How do we nurse those who have done terrible things?'
Alison Ingelhearn reminds us that everyone, whatever they may have done, can expect compassionate care
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Improving the physical health of people with severe mental illness
People with severe mental illness die much earlier than others, often of physical comorbidities. What can – and needs to – be done to improve their physical health?
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Homoeostasis and vital signs: their role in health and its restoration
Homoeostasis is central to life. Vital signs measure homoeostasis and are therefore key in restoring patients to health. This article is accompanied by a self-assessment questionnaire so you can test...
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Anatomy and physiology of ageing 7: the endocrine system
Ageing negatively affects hormone secretion by the glands of the endocrine system, which makes older people more prone to insomnia, fractures, diabetes and cognitive changes
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Patients' experiences of treatment and care after ileostomy
Researchers exploring the experiences of patients with an ileostomy found that the stoma and its complications can be traumatic and that patients need psychological support
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