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maandag 14 augustus 2017

BBC Health: Type 2 diabetes rise in children 'disturbing'

Type 2 diabetes rise in children 'disturbing'
More than 600 children and teenagers are being treated for the condition in England and Wales, experts warn.
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'Raise your voices'
A blog on birth trauma is prompting women to share their own difficult experiences.
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Sarah Reed death: Mentally ill 'should not be assessed in prison'
The mother of a woman who killed herself in prison speaks out against the prison system.
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Scottish ministers urged to lead fight against 'period poverty'
A Labour MSP says access to sanitary products should be a basic right for anyone who needs them.
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Breast cancer helpline founder paid herself £31k
Wendy Watson MBE has resigned as a trustee of National Hereditary Breast Cancer Helpline.
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