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maandag 21 augustus 2017

BBC Health: Struggling after giving birth? You're not alone

Struggling after giving birth? You're not alone
These mums had traumatic births, and they want more to see more honesty about the toll it can take.
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Stephen Hawking: 'I wouldn't be here without the NHS'
The scientist backed the NHS in a speech that was critical of government policy and Jeremy Hunt.
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Masks for smear test patients in Thailand
A health clinic in Thailand is handing out masks to encourage more women to attend their cervical smear tests.
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Dad gets tattoo of brain shunt after daughter's surgery
Chloe Hickenbottom-Marriott says she doesn't feel lonely any more after her dad's show of support.
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'I felt awful'
A bacterial infection spread through the former England rugby player's body after he was bitten.
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