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donderdag 3 augustus 2017

BBC Health: Mental health patients stranded in units for years

Mental health patients stranded in units for years
Nearly 100 patients spent more than a year awaiting discharge; seven waited more than two years.
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WannaCry ransomware bitcoins move from online wallets
WannaCry hit organisations worldwide - including the NHS - and now the funds are moving.
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Is Helen Mirren right about 'useless' moisturisers?
The actress Helen Mirren says moisturises probably don't work - but what do the experts say?
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Prep: HIV 'game-changer' to reach NHS in England from September
The drug - called Prep - cuts the risk of infection by up to 86%.
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Ian Paterson: Disgraced breast surgeon has sentence increased
Ian Paterson's crimes were so serious that a jail term of more than 15 years was needed, judges rule.
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