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dinsdag 8 augustus 2017

BBC Health: Four in 10 maternity wards in England closed in 2016

Four in 10 maternity wards in England closed in 2016
More than 40% of trusts in England temporarily shut wards, with staff and bed shortages often cited.
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£1.3m plan to create 10,000 new NHS dental places
The British Dental Association accuses the Welsh Government of reinvesting money taken from the service.
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Sea bug attack: Why was a wading teenager left covered in blood?
An incident that left an Australian boy covered in blood has been described as "very unusual".
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PKU funding battle: Family wins High Court challenge over drug
A High Court judge has quashed an NHS decision not to fund the seven-year-old's medication.
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UK rations hepatitis B vaccine amid global shortage
Holidaymakers planning to travel abroad from the UK may not be able to get their jab in time, say experts.
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