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zondag 6 augustus 2017

BBC Health: Family judge 'ashamed' by support for suicidal girl

Family judge 'ashamed' by support for suicidal girl
"We will have blood on our hands" if a suicidal girl is released without a care plan, says a senior judge.
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All Hampshire schools to offer Men ACWY meningitis vaccine
NHS England says it hopes to improve meningitis vaccination rates in southern areas of Hampshire.
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South East Coast Ambulance Service report shows bullying culture
A "macho", managerial "boys club" created a toxic atmosphere and bullying culture, a report finds.
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Bed found for suicidal girl after judge's criticism
The girl's case prompted criticism from a senior judge, who called the situation "utterly shaming".
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Loose Women's Stacey Solomon celebrates her 'saggy boobs'
The singer receives praise for posting a video showing off her bikini body "imperfections".
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