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woensdag 2 augustus 2017

BBC Health: A condom to save a new mum's life

A condom to save a new mum's life
Here's how a condom, a catheter, and a syringe could stop women dying during childbirth.
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The birth of the water baby
In 1977 a state hospital near Paris began changing the way women gave birth.
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Care homes face 'huge shortfall' in available beds
Figures reveal a looming shortfall in the number of beds for elderly people in UK care homes.
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Axing speed bumps to cut pollution 'is daft'
Road safety campaigners say the risk of accidents from speeding outweighs the air pollution risk.
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Yemen conflict: Cholera risk for more than a million children
Charity warns children are severely malnourished in some of the areas worst hit by the disease.
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