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maandag 31 juli 2017

RCN and NMC leaders attack ‘disrespectful’ newspaper column

RCN and NMC leaders attack 'disrespectful' newspaper column
The leaders of a major nursing union and the profession's regulator have joined forces to attack a controversial newspaper column that they described as "misguided and disrespectful".
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Nurse facing hefty legal bill after unsuccessful bid to sue NMC
A nurse whistleblower who unsuccessfully took the Nursing and Midwifery Council to court, after implicating the regulator in the loss of her career, has been left facing a bill of £15,000.
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Cancer charity warns of 'gap in provision' of specialist nurses
A charity for men affected by prostate cancer has criticised the provision of specialist nursing services in England, in the wake of national patient survey results.
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HIV testing in primary care settings 'should be rolled out'
Patients should be routinely offered an HIV test when they register with a new GP surgery, if they live in an area where the disease is highly prevalent, according to UK researchers.
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Insufficient sleep may 'add centimeters' to nurse waistlines
Adults in the UK who have poor sleep patterns are more likely to be overweight and obese and have poorer metabolic health, according to researchers.
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Smart obs technology confused with personal phone use
Hospital nurses using newly-adopted smartphone technology to record observations have led to a spike in patients reporting that staff are making personal phone calls.
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