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dinsdag 25 juli 2017

Phlebology Vol. 32, No. 7, August 1, 2017 is now available online

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Phlebology- Volume: 32, Number: 7 (August 2017)
What is pathological May–Thurner syndrome? Maira Hameed, Sarah Onida, Alun H Davies
Review Articles
Hospital incidence and annual rates of hospitalization for venous thromboembolic disease in France and the USA François-André Allaert, Eric Benzenine, Catherine Quantin,
American College of Phlebology Guidelines – Treatment of refluxing accessory saphenous veins Kathleen Gibson, Neil Khilnani, Marlin Schul, Mark Meissneron behalf of the American College of Phlebology Guidelines Committee
Original Articles
Thoracic magnetic resonance venography using Gadofosveset in patients with venous pathology—A comparative study of image quality and inter-rater variability Michael Åkesson, Leena Lehti, , Peter Höglund, , Per Åkeson, , Johan Wassélius,
Program requirements for fellowship education in venous and lymphatic medicine Anthony J Comerota, Robert J Min, Suman W Rathbun, Neil Khilnani, Thom Rooke, Thomas W Wakefield, Teresa L Carman, Fedor Lurie, Suresh Vedantham, Steven E Zimmet
Angiomatosis of soft tissue as an important differential diagnosis for intramuscular venous malformations Johanna Aronniemi, , Jouko Lohi, , Päivi Salminen, , Pia Vuola, , Kimmo Lappalainen, , Anne Pitkäranta, , Johanna Pekkola,
Hydrodisplacement of sural nerve for safety and efficacy of endovenous thermal ablation for small saphenous vein incompetence Omar Rodriguez-Acevedo, Kristen E Elstner, Kui Martinic, Aaron Zea, Jenny Diaz, Rodrigo T Martins, Fernando Arduini, Alexandra Hodgkinson, Nabeel Ibrahim
Fibrin gel versus papain gel in the healing of chronic venous ulcers: A double-blind randomized controlled trial Illymack CF de Araújo, Elenice Defune, Luciana PF Abbade, Hélio A Miot, Matheus Bertanha, Lídia R de Carvalho, Rosana R Ferreira, Winston B Yoshida
Evaluation of sodium tetradecyl sulfate and polidocanol as sclerosants for leg telangiectasia based on histological evaluation with clinical correlation Ronald Bush, Peggy Bush
Generation of sclerosant foams by mechanical methods increases the foam temperature Lulu Tan, , Kaichung Wong, , David Connor, , Babak Fakhim, , Masud Behnia, , Kurosh Parsi, ,
Summaries of recent phlebological abstracts L Kabnick, J Almeida

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