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maandag 24 juli 2017

Nurse wins award for ‘promoting excellence in community’

Nurse wins award for 'promoting excellence in community'
A nurse from Peebles in the Scottish Borders has won a top postgraduate award for her contribution to community nursing and person-centred care.
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Five key factors could reduce falls in hospitals, says regulator
Five key factors have been identified that could reduce falls in hospitals, according to regulators, though they note that eliminating them completely is an unrealistic target.
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NICE changes mind and backs new drug for severe asthma
A new drug for patients with severe asthma has taken a significant step towards being made available on the NHS, following a change of heart by the medicines regulator.
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'Significant' rise in cancer patient confidence in nursing staff
There has been a significant annual increase in the percentage of cancer patients who say they trust and have confidence in all the nursing staff treating them, according to a national survey.
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Great Ormond St nurses facing 'disgraceful tide of hostility'
Nurses and doctors at the famous London hospital embroiled in the Charlie Gard case have faced a "shocking and disgraceful tide of hostility and disturbance", it was revealed over the weekend.
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New children's charity nurse for complex needs in South East
A specialist nursing post for seriously ill children with complex needs has been launched to cover South London and South East England.
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