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vrijdag 28 juli 2017

Nature Reviews Neurology - Table of Contents alert Volume 13 Issue 8

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Nature Reviews Neurology
August 2017 Volume 13 Number 8

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Featured article:
ER stress and the unfolded protein response in neurodegeneration
Claudio Hetz & Smita Saxena
 Article series:
Peripheral neuropathies

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Neurodegenerative disease: Loss of TDP-43 in microglia — friend or foe?
Published online: 14 July 2017
p449 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.103


Parkinson disease: Deep brain stimulation — making the right connections
Published online: 23 June 2017
p450 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.91


Parkinson disease: T cells recognize α-synuclein peptides in Parkinson disease
Published online: 30 June 2017
p450 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.97


Neuroimmunology: Complement is no bystander in CNS degeneration
Published online: 16 June 2017
p451 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.89


Alzheimer disease: Sniffing out a marker of early Alzheimer disease
Published online: 09 June 2017
p452 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.85


Repeat expansion disorders: New evidence for RNA gelation in repeat expansion disorders
Published online: 16 June 2017
p452 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.90



Dementia: Persistent pain might be a harbinger of cognitive decline in older people | Infectious disease: Musashi-1 protein could mediate the effects of Zika virus on brain development | Parkinson disease: Plasma α-synuclein — a potential marker of cognitive impairment in Parkinson disease

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Neuroimmunology: B cells and variant BAFF in autoimmune disease
Manuel Comabella
Published online: 16 June 2017
p453 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.87
A variant in the TNFSF13B gene that encodes B-cell-activating factor has been found to increase the risk of multiple sclerosis and systemic lupus erythematosus in the Sardinian population. The findings underscore, and offer new insight into, the role of B cells in these autoimmune disorders, and have implications for personalized therapy.
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Parkinson disease: Defining PD subtypes — a step toward personalized management?
Caroline H. Williams-Gray & Roger A. Barker
Published online: 07 July 2017
p454 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.98
A recent article published in Brain proposes a clinical method for subtyping Parkinson disease cases on an individual basis, with implications for better patient stratification for personalized medicine. The authors report biological validity in terms of imaging and cerebrospinal fluid parameters, but long-term predictive validity remains to be established.
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A clinicopathological approach to the diagnosis of dementia
Fanny M. Elahi & Bruce L. Miller
Published online: 14 July 2017
p457 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.96
The process of phenotyping and classification of dementia has improved over decades of careful clinicopathological correlation, and through the discovery of in vivo biomarkers of disease. Elahi and Miller review the salient features of the most common dementia subtypes, emphasizing neuropathology, epidemiology, risk factors, and signature signs and symptoms.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF | Supplementary information

ER stress and the unfolded protein response in neurodegeneration
Claudio Hetz & Smita Saxena
Published online: 21 July 2017
p477 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.99
Accumulation of misfolded protein in neurons is a common feature of many neurodegenerative diseases. In this Review, Hetz and Saxena discuss the latest advances in our understanding about the mechanisms by which protein misfolding causes neurodegeneration, and look at novel insights into the role of cellular responses to protein misfolding in synaptic function and in inflammatory and mechanical injury in the nervous system.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF | Supplementary information

Article series: Peripheral neuropathies
Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neurotoxicity: management informed by pharmacogenetics
Andreas A. Argyriou, Jordi Bruna, Armando A. Genazzani & Guido Cavaletti
Published online: 30 June 2017
p492 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.88
Despite intensive investigation, the genetic basis of chemotherapy-induced peripheral neurotoxicity (CIPN) remains elusive. In this critical update, Argyriou and colleagues highlight strategies for overcoming the methodological flaws of pharmacogenetic studies and the inadequacy of current tools for assessing CIPN. As yet, however, genetic profiling cannot identify patients at risk of CIPN or guide their management.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF | Supplementary information


Current controversies in brain death determination
Ariane Lewis & David Greer
Published online: 26 May 2017
p505 | doi:10.1038/nrneurol.2017.72
Although the concept of brain death is widely accepted, some people perceive it to be tantamount to a legal fiction and believe that only cardiopulmonary death is true death. To explore contemporary controversies in brain death determination, Lewis and Greer highlight a selection of recent cases in which the core concepts of brain death were questioned.
Abstract | Full Text | PDF

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