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woensdag 19 juli 2017

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine Vol. 110, No. 7, July 1, 2017 is now available online

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Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine- Volume: 110, Number: 7 (July 2017)
From the Editor
A future of technology and other humans Kamran Abbasi
Mortality in England – erroneous attribution of excess winter deaths to underlying trend Eugene Milne
Response to Jones and Milne Lucinda Hiam, Danny Dorling, Dominic Harrison, Martin McKee
Is integrated information management a core clinical skill required for the doctor–patient encounter? Robert K McKinley, Simon P Gay
Gene editing and the health of future generations Christopher Gyngell
Why gene editing isn't the answer Kiruna Stamell
Deriving optimal value from each system Muir Gray, , Mara Airoldi, , Gwyn Bevan, , Peter McCulloch,
Endoscopic tattoo: the importance and need for standardised guidelines and protocol Mei Yang, Daniel Pepe, Christopher M Schlachta, Nawar A Alkhamesi
From the James Lind Library
George Starkey's 1658 challenge to Galenists to compare their treatment results with his IML Donaldson
Physician centric healthcare: is it time for a paradigm shift? Kishor M Wasan, , Lois Berry, , Jawahar Kalra
From JRSM Open
From JRSM Open
Death Notices
Death Notices
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