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dinsdag 25 juli 2017

BBC Health: More than 80,000 NHS posts vacant, says report

More than 80,000 NHS posts vacant, says report
An official report suggests the NHS in England is short of thousands of staff - particularly nurses and midwives.
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Vaginal implants: Report recommends recording complications
Better communication is needed over the use of vaginal mesh implants, says NHS report.
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Eating for two? What to eat when pregnant
How much should you eat when you're pregnant? And what nutrients do you need?
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Charlie Gard's parents want him home for final moments
Chris Gard and Connie Yates's lawyer accuses the hospital of "putting up obstacles".
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Disgraced surgeon Ian Paterson struck off by tribunal
Ian Paterson performed unnecessary surgery and asked to be struck off without the need for a hearing.
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