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donderdag 27 juli 2017

BBC Health: Diabetic sight loss cut by screening, research shows

Diabetic sight loss cut by screening, research shows
Annual eyesight screening for diabetics in Wales is having a major impact, new research shows.
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Should you finish a course of antibiotics?
Experts are divided over whether people should always finish a course of antibiotics.
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Mental health crisis services in England 'under pressure'
A rise in referrals without comparable extra funding is affecting vulnerable people, research finds.
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'Overwhelmed' hospital in Worcester missed DNP overdose
An "overwhelmed" department led to delays in the overdose being recognised and treated, a report says.
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Hollie's story
Research is being carried out into the genetic cause of lipoedema - a disease causing painful fat to build up in the legs. Hollie, 32, is having surgery to treat hers.
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