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donderdag 15 juni 2017

RCOA: 25th Anniversary Essay Prizes

25th Anniversary Essay Prizes

As part of the RCoA's 25th Anniversary celebrations, three essay competitions have been held looking towards the future of the specialty.

Medical students and Foundation Year doctors were invited to submit an essay in response to the title: 'What will anaesthesia look like in the next 25 years'.

Anaesthetists in training were invited to submit an essay in response to the title: 'A day in the life of an anaesthetic trainee in 2042'.

The Awards were presented at the Summer Symposium in Belfast today.

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Summer Symposium 2017 wraps up

Our 2017 Summer Symposium has just drawn to a close. More than 100 delegates joined us at The Waterfront in Belfast for two days of informative updates and practical workshops. Highlights included a keynote lecture from Dr Cliff Mann on how to thrive during these challenging times, and Professor Lars Eriksson talked us through the clinical implications of the latest research into long-term brain dysfunction after anaesthesia. Day two concluded with four trainee oral presentations and a future-gazing address from Dr Kevin Carson, President of the College of Anaesthetists of Ireland.

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