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donderdag 29 juni 2017

NHS Brexit bulletin issue 3

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The latest information and implications of Brexit on the NHS 
NHS European Office
Brexit bulletin

Brexit Health Alliance

Find out more about the new Brexit Health Alliance which brings together NHS, medical research, industry, public health and patient-representative organisations to ensure the health sector can speak with a coordinated voice on Brexit.

Brexit health alliance

Negotiations begin

Negotiations between the UK government and the European Commission officially began on 19 June. Elisabetta Zanon, director of the NHS European Office, looks at the approach to the talks from each side in her latest blog.

UK and EU flag

EU citizens' rights

Read our summary of the UK government's recent proposals to safeguard citizens' rights post-Brexit. Under the proposals, all EU nationals living in the UK lawfully for at least five years would be granted 'settled status'.


Brexit at Confed17

Watch the Confed17 Brexit panel session featuring Sir Hugh Taylor, co-chair of the Brexit Health Alliance. The panel discusses how the NHS can be protected in a post-EU health and care system.


Attracting domestic talent

Alongside safeguarding the rights of EU staff, it is essential to consider what can be done to attract and retain local talent. This key NHS Employers briefing signposts case studies and programmes to help improve your domestic workforce supply strategy.

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UK Health Research Charities study

A new study by leading UK medical research funders looks at the significant contribution the UK makes to medical and scientific research across the EU, and highlights the risk Brexit poses if collaboration is limited. Read our summary.

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The great repeal bill Q&A

Download our Q&A factsheet to find out more about this key piece of legislation, including what it means for the NHS, when it will come into force and how it will ensure legal continuity when the UK leaves the EU.

In case you missed it

Brexit and mental health services

Following the Mental Health Network's annual conference, Elisabetta Zanon reflects upon the possible implications of Brexit for mental health services. Access the article in full on the Health Business website.


NHS Research and Development Forum

The potential impact of Brexit on health and medical research was outlined by Sarah Collen, the NHS European Office’s senior policy manager at the recent Annual NHS Research and Development Forum. Read the key messages from her presentation.


A deal that works for the NHS

The latest briefing from the Nuffield Trust explores what the new government needs to secure, in order to get a Brexit deal that works for the NHS. Read our summary of the document.

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Brexit and public procurement

Find out how Brexit will impact on public procurement in this paper from the European Parliament’s Committee on Internal Market and Consumer Protection. The paper explores four trading model options based on the EU’s existing relationships with non-EU partners.

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EU logo over map of Europe

The EU Commission's Article 50 Taskforce

The European Commission will be publishing all relevant papers, joint statements and minutes from the Brexit negotiations. Read all the publications on the Commission's website to date.

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