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donderdag 29 juni 2017

Latest content from npj Regenerative Medicine: 29 June 2017

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npj Regenerative Medicine

Table of Contents: June 2017

Perspective | 19 June 2017

The adaptive immune response to cardiac injury—the true roadblock to effective regenerative therapies?

Susanne Sattler, Paul Fairchild, Fiona M. Watt, Nadia Rosenthal & Sian E. Harding

npj Regenerative Medicine 2, Article number: 20 | doi:10.1038/s41536-017-0022-3

Editorial | 19 June 2017

Applying regenerative medicine techniques in facial plastic and reconstructive surgery: the bar has been set high

Matthew Q. Miller, Stephen S. Park & J. Jared Christophel

npj Regenerative Medicine 2, Article number: 21 | doi:10.1038/s41536-017-0025-0

Review Article | 16 June 2017

Biomaterial-driven in situ cardiovascular tissue engineering—a multi-disciplinary perspective

Tamar B. Wissing, Valentina Bonito, Carlijn V. C. Bouten & Anthal I. P. M. Smits

npj Regenerative Medicine 2, Article number: 19 | doi:10.1038/s41536-017-0023-2

Review Article | 13 June 2017

Translational cardiac stem cell therapy: advancing from first-generation to next-generation cell types

Elena Cambria, Francesco S. Pasqualini, Petra Wolint, Julia Günter, Julia Steiger et al.

npj Regenerative Medicine 2, Article number: 18 | doi:10.1038/s41536-017-0024-1

Article | 08 June 2017

Biomimetic heterogenous elastic tissue development

Kai Jen Tsai, Simon Dixon, Luke Richard Hale, Arnold Darbyshire, Daniel Martin et al.

npj Regenerative Medicine 2, Article number: 17 | doi:10.1038/s41536-017-0021-4

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