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dinsdag 4 april 2017

Scientific Reports Health Sciences Table of Contents e-alert: 04 April 2017

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  04 April 2017   
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Health Sciences

Identification of Atrial Fibrillation by Quantitative Analyses of Fingertip Photoplethysmogram


Sung-Chun Tang, Pei-Wen Huang, Chi-Sheng Hung et al.


Atrial fibrillation (AF) detection is crucial for stroke prevention. We investigated the potential of quantitative analyses of photoplethysmogram (PPG) waveforms to identify AF. …


B-vitamin Supplementation Mitigates Effects of Fine Particles on Cardiac Autonomic Dysfunction and Inflammation: A Pilot Human Intervention Trial


Jia Zhong, Letizia Trevisi, Bruce Urch et al.


Ambient fine particle (PM2.5) pollution triggers acute cardiovascular events. Individual-level preventions are proposed to complement regulation in reducing the global burden of …


A Paper-Based Test for Screening Newborns for Sickle Cell Disease


Nathaniel Z. Piety, Alex George, Sonia Serrano et al.


The high cost, complexity and reliance on electricity, specialized equipment and supplies associated with conventional diagnostic methods limit the scope and sustainability of …


Validation of a smartphone-based EEG among people with epilepsy: A prospective study


Erica D. McKenzie, Andrew S. P. Lim, Edward C. W. Leung et al.


Our objective was to assess the ability of a smartphone-based electroencephalography (EEG) application, the Smartphone Brain Scanner-2 (SBS2), to detect epileptiform …


Polymorphisms of STS gene and SULT2A1 gene and neurosteroid levels in Han Chinese boys with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder: an exploratory investigation


Liang-Jen Wang, Wen-Ching Chan, Miao-Chun Chou et al.


This study examined the relationships among polymorphisms of the STS gene and SULT2A1 gene, dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and its sulfated form (DHEA-S), and characteristics of …


Perceived Dangerousness as Related to Psychiatric Symptoms and Psychiatric Service Use – a Vignette Based Representative Population Survey


Julia F. Sowislo, Franca Gonet-Wirz, Stefan Borgwardt et al.


Perceptions of dangerousness are an influential component of mental health stigma and can be driven by the display of psychiatric symptoms and the use of psychiatric service …


Riboflavin deficiency induces a significant change in proteomic profiles in HepG2 cells


Zhonghao Xin, Lingling Pu, Weina Gao et al.


Riboflavin deficiency is widespread in many regions over the world, especially in underdeveloped countries. In this study, we investigated the effects of riboflavin deficiency on …


Higher glomerular filtration rate is related to insulin resistance but not to obesity in a predominantly obese non-diabetic cohort


Negar Naderpoor, Jasmine G. Lyons, Aya Mousa et al.


Glomerular hyperfiltration has been associated with obesity, insulin resistance, and systolic blood pressure (SBP). However, previous studies are limited by confounders such as …


Association between red cell distribution width and mortality in patients undergoing continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis


Yao-Peng Hsieh, Shr-Mei Tsai, Chia-Chu Chang et al.


Although red cell distribution width (RDW) has emerged as a biomarker of clinical prognostic value across a variety of clinical settings in the last two decades, limited evidence …


The fate of patients with intermittent claudication in the 21st century revisited – results from the CAVASIC Study


Barbara Rantner, Barbara Kollerits, Johannes Pohlhammer et al.


Patients with intermittent claudication carry a high risk for cardiovascular complications. The TransAtlantic Inter-Society Consensus (TASC) Group estimated a five-year overall …


Study on the short-term effects of increased alcohol and cigarette consumption in healthy young men’s seminal quality


Joana Vieira Silva, Daniel Cruz, Mariana Gomes et al.


Many studies have reported a negative impact of lifestyle factors on testicular function, spermatozoa parameters and pituitary-gonadal axis. However, conclusions are difficult to …


Accelerometer assessed moderate-to-vigorous physical activity and successful ageing: results from the Whitehall II study


Mehdi Menai, Vincent T. van Hees, Alexis Elbaz et al.


Physical activity is key for successful ageing, but questions remain regarding the optimal physical activity pattern. We examined the cross-sectional association between physical …


Tenofovir Inhibits Wound Healing of Epithelial Cells and Fibroblasts from the Upper and Lower Human Female Reproductive Tract


Marta Rodriguez-Garcia, Mickey V. Patel, Zheng Shen et al.


Disruption of the epithelium in the female reproductive tract (FRT) is hypothesized to increase HIV infection risk by interfering with barrier protection and facilitating …


Polymorphism in the Alternative Donor Site of the Cryptic Exon of LHCGR: Functional Consequences and Associations with Testosterone Level


Wei Liu, Bing Han, Wenjiao Zhu et al.


Selective splicing is a feature of luteinizing hormone receptor (LHCGR). A cryptic exon (LHCGR-exon 6A) was found to be derived from alternative splicing in intron 6 of the LHCGR


Hippocampus Segmentation Based on Local Linear Mapping


Shumao Pang, Jun Jiang, Zhentai Lu et al.


We propose local linear mapping (LLM), a novel fusion framework for distance field (DF) to perform automatic hippocampus segmentation. A k-means cluster method is propose for …


Fermented milk containing Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei CNCM I-1518 reduces bacterial translocation in rats treated with carbon tetrachloride


Elisabet Sánchez, Juan C. Nieto, Silvia Vidal et al.


Probiotics can prevent pathological bacterial translocation by modulating intestinal microbiota and improving the gut barrier. The aim was to evaluate the effect of a fermented …


Comparing multifocal pupillographic objective perimetry (mfPOP) and multifocal visual evoked potentials (mfVEP) in retinal diseases


Faran Sabeti, Andrew C. James, Corinne F. Carle et al.


Multifocal pupillographic objective perimetry (mfPOP) shows regions of slight hypersensitivity away from retinal regions damaged by diabetes or age-related macular degeneration …


Decreased Amount of Supporting Alveolar Bone at Single-Rooted Premolars Is Under Estimated by 2D Examinations


Hsiang-Hsi Hong, Chung-Chieh Chang, Adrienne Hong et al.


The purpose of this study was to relate the proportions of bone-supported root length of a 2D view into the amount of a 3D bone-attached root surface area (BA-RSA) by using a …


Bifidobacterium in the gut microbiota confer resilience to chronic social defeat stress in mice


Chun Yang, Yuko Fujita, Qian Ren et al.


Accumulating evidence suggests that abnormalities in the composition of the gut microbiota may play a role in the pathogenesis of depression. Although approximately 30% mice are …


The human Cranio Facial Development Protein 1 (Cfdp1) gene encodes a protein required for the maintenance of higher-order chromatin organization


Giovanni Messina, Maria Teresa Atterrato, Yuri Prozzillo et al.


The human Cranio Facial Development Protein 1 (Cfdp1) gene maps to chromosome 16q22.2-q22.3 and encodes the CFDP1 protein, which belongs to the evolutionarily conserved Bucentaur …


Impact of Cell Composition and Geometry on Human Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells-Derived Engineered Cardiac Tissue


Takeichiro Nakane, Hidetoshi Masumoto, Joseph P. Tinney et al.


The current study describes a scalable, porous large-format engineered cardiac tissue (LF-ECT) composed of human induced pluripotent stem cells (hiPSCs) derived multiple lineage …


Bioenergetic Impairment in Congenital Muscular Dystrophy Type 1A and Leigh Syndrome Muscle Cells


Cibely C. Fontes-Oliveira, Maarten Steinz, Peter Schneiderat et al.


Skeletal muscle has high energy requirement and alterations in metabolism are associated with pathological conditions causing muscle wasting and impaired regeneration. Congenital …


Illuminating dynamic neutrophil trans-epithelial migration with micro-optical coherence tomography


Kengyeh K. Chu, Mark E. Kusek, Linbo Liu et al.


A model of neutrophil migration across epithelia is desirable to interrogate the underlying mechanisms of neutrophilic breach of mucosal barriers. A co-culture system consisting …


Cochlear gene therapy with ancestral AAV in adult mice: complete transduction of inner hair cells without cochlear dysfunction


Jun Suzuki, Ken Hashimoto, Ru Xiao et al.


The use of viral vectors for inner ear gene therapy is receiving increased attention for treatment of genetic hearing disorders. Most animal studies to date have injected viral …


Entire CD3ε, δ, and γ humanized mouse to evaluate human CD3–mediated therapeutics


Otoya Ueda, Naoko A. Wada, Yasuko Kinoshita et al.


T cell–mediated immunotherapy is an attractive strategy for treatment in various disease areas. In this therapeutic approach, the CD3 complex is one of the key molecules to …


Exposure to paternal tobacco smoking increased child hospitalization for lower respiratory infections but not for other diseases in Vietnam


Reiko Miyahara, Kensuke Takahashi, Nguyen Thi Hien Anh et al.


Exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS) is an important modifiable risk factor for child hospitalization, although its contribution is not well documented in countries …


Zinc treatment is efficient against Escherichia coli α-haemolysin-induced intestinal leakage in mice


Stephanie Wiegand, Silke S. Zakrzewski, Miriam Eichner et al.


Zinc homoeostasis exerts protective effects in inflammatory intestinal diseases and zinc supplementation has been successfully used for treating infectious diarrhoea. This study …


Endoscopic nipple sparing mastectomy with immediate implant-based reconstruction versus breast conserving surgery: a long-term study


Junze Du, Quankun Liang, Xiaowei Qi et al.


To evaluate the differences between endoscopic nipple sparing mastectomy (ENSM) with immediate implant-based reconstruction and breast conserving surgery(BCS) applied to …


Passive smoking and stroke in men and women: a national population-based case-control study in China


Lei Hou, Wei Han, Jingmei Jiang et al.


An association between passive smoking and stroke is unclear in China, particularly the association with hemorrhagic stroke. This study included 16205 deaths due to stroke aged …


Qualitative and Quantitative Imaging Evaluation of Renal Cell Carcinoma Subtypes with Grating-based X-ray Phase-contrast CT


Margarita Braunagel, Lorenz Birnbacher, Marian Willner et al.


Current clinical imaging methods face limitations in the detection and correct characterization of different subtypes of renal cell carcinoma (RCC), while these are important for …


Maternal Smoking during Pregnancy and Necrotizing Enterocolitis-associated Infant Mortality in Preterm Babies


Guodong Ding, Jing Yu, Yan Chen et al.


Few studies have examined the possible pregnancy-related risk factors for necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC)-associated deaths during infancy. Infant death due to NEC in preterm …


Systemic inflammation and family history in relation to the prevalence of type 2 diabetes based on an alternating decision tree


Hirokazu Uemura, A. Ammar Ghaibeh, Sakurako Katsuura-Kamano et al.


To investigate unknown patterns associated with type 2 diabetes in the Japanese population, we first used an alternating decision tree (ADTree) algorithm, a powerful …


Changes in temporomandibular joint spaces after arthroscopic disc repositioning: a self-control study


Ying Kai Hu, Ahmed Abdelrehem, Chi Yang et al.


Disc repositioning is a common procedure for patients with anterior disc displacement (ADD). The purpose of this retrospective record-based study was to evaluate changes in the …


Exposure to Ambient Particulate Matter Induced COPD in a Rat Model and a Description of the Underlying Mechanism


Fang He, Baoling Liao, Jinding Pu et al.


While the health effects of air pollution have been an international public health concern since at least the 1950s, recent research has focused on two broad sources of air …


Cross-talk among metabolic parameters, esophageal microbiota, and host gene expression following chronic exposure to an obesogenic diet


Nadeem O. Kaakoush, Virginie Lecomte, Christopher A. Maloney et al.


Unhealthy diets, and ensuing weight gain, predispose individuals to the development of esophageal adenocarcinoma. We examined the effect of chronic high fat diet (HFD) on the …


Evolution of multi-drug resistant HCV clones from pre-existing resistant-associated variants during direct-acting antiviral therapy determined by third-generation sequencing


Haruhiko Takeda, Yoshihide Ueda, Tadashi Inuzuka et al.


Resistance-associated variant (RAV) is one of the most significant clinical challenges in treating HCV-infected patients with direct-acting antivirals (DAAs). We investigated the …


International incidence and mortality trends of liver cancer: a global profile


Martin C. S. Wong, Johnny Y. Jiang, William B Goggins et al.


We examined the global incidence and mortality rates of liver cancer, and evaluated the association between incidence/mortality and socioeconomic development (Human Development …


Microvascular vasodilator properties of the angiotensin II type 2 receptor in a mouse model of type 1 diabetes


Marc-Antoine Begorre, Abdallah Dib, Khalil Habchi et al.


Diabetes Mellitus is associated with severe cardiovascular disorders involving the renin-angiotensin system, mainly through activation of the angiotensin II type 1 receptor …


AT-RvD1 Promotes Resolution of Inflammation in NOD/ShiLtJ mice


Ching-Shuen Wang, Christina L. Maruyama, Justin T. Easley et al.


Sjögren’s syndrome (SS) is a chronic inflammatory autoimmune disease characterized by diminished secretory function of the exocrine glands. Treatments for hyposalivation are …


Association Study of Reported Significant Loci at 5q35.3, 7p14.3, 13q14.1 and 16p12.3 with Urolithiasis in Chinese Han Ethnicity


Lujia Wang, Chenchen Feng, Guanxiong Ding et al.


In this study, we aimed to validate the association of 8 reported significant loci at 5q35.3, 7p14.3, 13q14.1 and 16p12.3 with urolithiasis in Chinese Han population. We …


Sequence analysis of pooled bacterial samples enables identification of strain variation in group A streptococcus


Rigbe G. Weldatsadik, Jingwen Wang, Kai Puhakainen et al.


Knowledge of the genomic variation among different strains of a pathogenic microbial species can help in selecting optimal candidates for diagnostic assays and vaccine …


Unacylated ghrelin promotes adipogenesis in rodent bone marrow via ghrelin O-acyl transferase and GHS-R1a activity: evidence for target cell-induced acylation


Anna L. Hopkins, Timothy A. S. Nelson, Irina A. Guschina et al.


Despite being unable to activate the cognate ghrelin receptor (GHS-R), unacylated ghrelin (UAG) possesses a unique activity spectrum that includes promoting bone marrow …


Testis Transcriptome Modulation in Klinefelter Patients with Hypospermatogenesis


Marco D’Aurora, Alberto Ferlin, Andrea Garolla et al.


The main genetic cause of male infertility is represented by the Klinefelter Syndrome (KS), a condition accounting for 3% of all cases of infertility and up to15% of cases of …


A novel method for non-destructive determination of hair photo-induced damage based on multispectral imaging technology


Yue Cao, Hao Qu, Can Xiong et al.


Extended exposure to sunlight may give rise to chemical and physical damages of human hairs. In this work, we report a novel method for non-destructive quantification of hair …


Inhibitory Potential of Constituents from Osmanthus fragrans and Structural Analogues Against Advanced Glycation End Products, α-Amylase, α-Glucosidase, and Oxidative Stress


Ji-Yeon Yang, Jun-Hwan Park, Namhyun Chung et al.


Inhibition of α-amylase and α-glucosidase, advanced glycation end products (AGEs) formation, and oxidative stress by isolated active constituents of Osmanthus fragrans flowers …


Sedentary lifestyle related exosomal release of Hotair from gluteal-femoral fat promotes intestinal cell proliferation


Xiaozhao Lu, Danna Bai, Xiangwei Liu et al.


Pioneering epidemiological work has established strong association of sedentary lifestyle and obesity with the risk of colorectal cancer, while the detailed underlying mechanism …


Patterns in the skin microbiota differ in children and teenagers between rural and urban environments


Jenni Lehtimäki, Antti Karkman, Tiina Laatikainen et al.


The composition of human microbiota is affected by a multitude of factors. Understanding the dynamics of our microbial communities is important for promoting human health because …


Discovery of the first dual GSK3β inhibitor/Nrf2 inducer. A new multitarget therapeutic strategy for Alzheimer’s disease


Isabel Gameiro, Patrycja Michalska, Giammarco Tenti et al.


The formation of neurofibrillary tangles (NFTs), oxidative stress and neuroinflammation have emerged as key targets for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD), the most …


Towards a Humanized Mouse Model of Liver Stage Malaria Using Ectopic Artificial Livers


Shengyong Ng, Sandra March, Ani Galstian et al.


The malaria liver stage is an attractive target for antimalarial development, and preclinical malaria models are essential for testing such candidates. Given ethical concerns and …


Enzyme-dependent fluorescence recovery of NADH after photobleaching to assess dehydrogenase activity of isolated perfused hearts


Angel Moreno, Sarah Kuzmiak-Glancy, Rafael Jaimes 3rd et al.


Reduction of NAD+ by dehydrogenase enzymes to form NADH is a key component of cellular metabolism. In cellular preparations and isolated mitochondria suspensions, …


Dinaciclib potently suppresses MCL-1 and selectively induces the cell death in human iPS cells without affecting the viability of cardiac tissue


Khaled Alsayegh, Katsuhisa Matsuura, Hidekazu Sekine et al.


Induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells hold great potential for being a major source of cells for regenerative medicine. One major issue that hinders their advancement to clinic is …


The antimicrobial effects of the alginate oligomer OligoG CF-5/20 are independent of direct bacterial cell membrane disruption


Manon F. Pritchard, Lydia C. Powell, Saira Khan et al.


Concerns about acquisition of antibiotic resistance have led to increasing demand for new antimicrobial therapies. OligoG CF-5/20 is an alginate oligosaccharide previously shown …


HLA-B*15:21 and carbamazepine-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome: pooled-data and in silico analysis


Kanoot Jaruthamsophon, Varomyalin Tipmanee, Antida Sangiemchoey et al.


HLA-B*15:02 screening before carbamazepine (CBZ) prescription in Asian populations is the recommended practice to prevent CBZ-induced Stevens-Johnson syndrome (CBZ-SJS). However, …


Reactive Hyperemia Index in Patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis: Cross-sectional Data from a Cohort Study


Wenjin Liu, Meijuan Meng, Jianping Chen et al.


Previous studies suggested that the reactive hyperemia index (RHI) is a promising cardiovascular risk predictor. We aimed to evaluate clinical determinants of RHI and its …


Spatial and molecular resolution of diffuse malignant mesothelioma heterogeneity by integrating label-free FTIR imaging, laser capture microdissection and proteomics


Frederik Großerueschkamp, Thilo Bracht, Hanna C. Diehl et al.


Diffuse malignant mesothelioma (DMM) is a heterogeneous malignant neoplasia manifesting with three subtypes: epithelioid, sarcomatoid and biphasic. DMM exhibit a high degree of …


Plasma Apolipoprotein A-V Predicts Long-term Survival in Chronic Hepatitis B Patients with Acute-on-Chronic Liver Failure


En-Qiang Chen, Meng-Lan Wang, Dong-Mei Zhang et al.


Hepatitis B virus-related acute-on-chronic liver failure (HBV-ACLF) is a life-threatening condition, and the lipid metabolism disorder is common in the development of this …


The cerebellum in dual-task performance in Parkinson’s disease


Linlin Gao, Jiarong Zhang, Yanan Hou et al.


Parkinson’s disease (PD) patients have difficulty in performing a dual-task. It has been suggested that the cerebellum is important in dual-tasking. We used functional MRI to …


Differentiation of Pancreatic Cyst Types by Analysis of Rheological Behavior of Pancreatic Cyst Fluid


Iyad Khamaysi, Aiman Abu Ammar, Gleb Vasilyev et al.


Differentiation between mucinous and non-mucinous pancreatic cysts is exceedingly important and challenging, particularly as the former bears malignant transformation potential. …


Prevalence, Awareness, Treatment, and Control of Hypertension among Kazakhs with high Salt Intake in Xinjiang, China: A Community-based Cross-sectional Study


Yaoda Hu, Zixing Wang, Yuyan Wang et al.


Hypertension is a leading cause of death worldwide; data on hypertension among ethnic minorities in China are sparse. This study aimed to estimate hypertension prevalence, …


Epidemic trend of periodontal disease in elderly Chinese population, 1987–2015: a systematic review and meta-analysis


Hongmei Yang, Li Xiao, Lei Zhang et al.


Periodontal disease is a common oral health problem in the elderly population. The prevalence varied substantially due to absence of a universal diagnostic criteria. We conducted …


Modified SJH alleviates FFAs-induced hepatic steatosis through leptin signaling pathways


Dong-Woo Lim, Shambhunath Bose, Jing-Hua Wang et al.


Samjunghwan (SJH) is an herbal formula used in traditional Korean medicine. This prescription has long been used in treatment of aging and lifestyle diseases. The current study …


Downregulation of LIMK1–ADF/cofilin by DADS inhibits the migration and invasion of colon cancer


Jian Su, Yujuan Zhou, Zhibing Pan et al.


This study aimed to explore whether the downregulation of LIM kinase 1 (LIMK1)-actin depolymerization factor (ADF, also known as destrin)/cofilin by diallyl disulfide (DADS) …


NMDA receptor antagonism with novel indolyl, 2-(1,1-Dimethyl-1,3-dihydro-benzo[e]indol-2-ylidene)-malonaldehyde, reduces seizures duration in a rat model of epilepsy


Hussin A. Rothan, Elham Amini, Fadihl L. Faraj et al.


N-methyl-D-aspartate receptors (NMDAR) play a central role in epileptogensis and NMDAR antagonists have been shown to have antiepileptic effects in animals and humans. Despite …


A Hierarchical Feature and Sample Selection Framework and Its Application for Alzheimer’s Disease Diagnosis


Le An, Ehsan Adeli, Mingxia Liu et al.


Classification is one of the most important tasks in machine learning. Due to feature redundancy or outliers in samples, using all available data for training a classifier may be …


Untargeted metabolomics analysis reveals key pathways responsible for the synergistic killing of colistin and doripenem combination against Acinetobacter baumannii


Mohd Hafidz Mahamad Maifiah, Darren J. Creek, Roger L. Nation et al.


Combination therapy is deployed for the treatment of multidrug-resistant Acinetobacter baumannii, as it can rapidly develop resistance to current antibiotics. This is the first …


A novel pathway for amyloids self-assembly in aggregates at nanomolar concentration mediated by the interaction with surfaces


Siddhartha Banerjee, Mohtadin Hashemi, Zhengjian Lv et al.


A limitation of the amyloid hypothesis in explaining the development of neurodegenerative diseases is that the level of amyloidogenic polypeptide in vivo is below the critical …


CombiROC: an interactive web tool for selecting accurate marker combinations of omics data


Saveria Mazzara, Riccardo L. Rossi, Renata Grifantini et al.


Diagnostic accuracy can be improved considerably by combining multiple markers, whose performance in identifying diseased subjects is usually assessed via receiver operating …


HIVed, a knowledgebase for differentially expressed human genes and proteins during HIV infection, replication and latency


Chen Li, Sri H. Ramarathinam, Jerico Revote et al.


Measuring the altered gene expression level and identifying differentially expressed genes/proteins during HIV infection, replication and latency is fundamental for broadening …


NMR-based metabolomics Reveals Alterations of Electro-acupuncture Stimulations on Chronic Atrophic Gastritis Rats


Jingjing Xu, Xujuan Zheng, Kian-Kai Cheng et al.


Chronic atrophic gastritis (CAG) is a common gastrointestinal disease which has been considered as precancerous lesions of gastric carcinoma. Previously, electro-acupuncture …


Antibody-dependent-cellular-cytotoxicity-inducing antibodies significantly affect the post-exposure treatment of Ebola virus infection


Qiang Liu, Changfa Fan, Qianqian Li et al.


Passive immunotherapy with monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) is an efficacious treatment for Ebola virus (EBOV) infections in animal models and humans. Understanding what constitutes …


Molecular Therapy for Degenerative Disc Disease: Clues from Secretome Analysis of the Notochordal Cell-Rich Nucleus Pulposus


Ajay Matta, M. Zia Karim, David E. Isenman et al.


Degenerative disc disease (DDD) is associated with spinal pain often leading to long-term disability. However, the non-chondrodystrophic canine intervertebral disc is protected …


Suppression of FOXM1 Transcriptional Activities via a Single-Stranded DNA Aptamer Generated by SELEX


Qin Xiang, Guixiang Tan, Xia Jiang et al.


The transcription factor FOXM1 binds to its consensus sequence at promoters through its DNA binding domain (DBD) and activates proliferation-associated genes. The aberrant …


Milk Fat Globule Membrane Supplementation in Formula Modulates the Neonatal Gut Microbiome and Normalizes Intestinal Development


Ganive Bhinder, Joannie M. Allaire, Cyrielle Garcia et al.


Breast milk has many beneficial properties and unusual characteristics including a unique fat component, termed milk fat globule membrane (MFGM). While breast milk yields …


Corrigendum: Doxorubicin-loaded platelets as a smart drug delivery system: An improved therapy for lymphoma


Peipei Xu, Huaqin Zuo, Bing Chen et al.



Minoxidil is a potential neuroprotective drug for paclitaxel-induced peripheral neuropathy


Yi-Fan Chen, Li-Hsien Chen, Yu-Min Yeh et al.


Chemotherapy-induced peripheral neuropathy (CIPN) is a common side effect of cancer treatment. No medication has been shown to be effective in the treatment of CIPN. This study …


Distribution pattern of left-ventricular myocardial strain analyzed by a cine MRI based deformation registration algorithm in healthy Chinese volunteers


Hong Liu, Dan Yang, Ke Wan et al.


The cine magnetic resonance imaging based technique feature tracking-cardiac magnetic resonance (FT-CMR) is emerging as a novel, simple and robust method to evaluate myocardial …


TTF-1- and/or CD56-positive Circulating Tumor Cells in patients with small cell lung cancer (SCLC)


Ippokratis Messaritakis, Dimitris Stoltidis, Athanasios Kotsakis et al.


The aim of the study was to evaluate the phenotypic CTCs heterogeneity (TTF-1+ and/or CD56+) in SCLC patients and correlate it with the CellSearch. Peripheral blood was obtained …


Paroxetine alleviates T lymphocyte activation and infiltration to joints of collagen-induced arthritis


Qingtong Wang, Longsheng Wang, Li Wu et al.


T cell infiltration to synovial tissue is an early pathogenic mechanism of rheumatoid arthritis (RA). In the present work, we reveal that G protein coupled receptor kinase 2 …


Clinical comparison of patient outcomes following implantation of trifocal or bifocal intraocular lenses: a systematic review and meta-analysis


Zeren Shen, Yuchen Lin, Yanan Zhu et al.


To assess the visual effects of trifocal intraocular lenses (IOLs) compared to bifocal IOLs in cataract surgery, a meta-analysis of prospective comparative clinical trials …


Stability of R2* and quantitative susceptibility mapping of the brain tissue in a large scale multi-center study


Rongpin Wang, Guangyou Xie, Maoxiong Zhai et al.


Multi-center studies are advantageous for enrolling participants of varying pathological and demographical conditions, and especially in neurological studies. Hence stability of …


Adventitial lymphatic capillary expansion impacts on plaque T cell accumulation in atherosclerosis


Timo Rademakers, Emiel P. C. van der Vorst, Isabelle T. M. N. Daissormont et al.


During plaque progression, inflammatory cells progressively accumulate in the adventitia, paralleled by an increased presence of leaky vasa vasorum. We here show that next to …


A new molecular prognostic score for predicting the risk of distant metastasis in patients with HR+/HER2− early breast cancer


Gyungyub Gong, Mi Jeong Kwon, Jinil Han et al.


To make an optimal treatment decision for early stage breast cancer, it is important to identify risk of recurrence. Here, we developed and validated a new prognostic model for …


A canine model of tracheal stenosis induced by cuffed endotracheal intubation


Zhuquan Su, Shiyue Li, Ziqing Zhou et al.


Postintubation tracheal stenosis is a complication of endotracheal intubation. The pathological mechanism and risk factors for endotracheal intubation-induced tracheal stenosis …


Probiotics may delay the progression of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease by restoring the gut microbiota structure and improving intestinal endotoxemia


Li Xue, Juntao He, Ning Gao et al.


Gut-derived bacterial lipopolysaccharide (LPS) and subsequent hepatic toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) activation have been recognized to be involved in the onset of diet-induced …


Strain-specific estimation of epidemic success provides insights into the transmission dynamics of tuberculosis


Jean-Philippe Rasigade, Maxime Barbier, Oana Dumitrescu et al.


The transmission dynamics of tuberculosis involves complex interactions of socio-economic and, possibly, microbiological factors. We describe an analytical framework to infer …


Corrigendum: Motivational, proteostatic and transcriptional deficits precede synapse loss, gliosis and neurodegeneration in the B6.Htt/+Q111/+ model of Huntington’s disease


Robert M. Bragg, Sydney R. Coffey, Rory M. Weston et al.



E3 Ubiquitin Ligase Nedd4 Promotes Japanese Encephalitis Virus Replication by Suppressing Autophagy in Human Neuroblastoma Cells


Qingqiang Xu, Naiwei Zhu, Shenglin Chen et al.


Japanese encephalitis virus (JEV) is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that causes the most prevalent viral encephalitis in Asia. Since JEV is a neurotropic virus, it is important to …


Enteric glial cells counteract Clostridium difficile Toxin B through a NADPH oxidase/ROS/JNK/caspase-3 axis, without involving mitochondrial pathways


Lara Macchioni, Magdalena Davidescu, Katia Fettucciari et al.


Enteric glial cells (EGCs) are components of the intestinal epithelial barrier essential for regulating the enteric nervous system. Clostridium difficile is the most common cause …


The nicotinic acetylcholine receptor α7 subunit is an essential negative regulator of bone mass


Kazuaki Mito, Yuiko Sato, Tami Kobayashi et al.


The nicotinic receptor α7nAchR reportedly regulates vagal nerve targets in brain and cardiac tissue. Here we show that nAchR7−/− mice exhibit increased bone mass due to decreased …


Demographic associations for autoantibodies in disease-free individuals of a European population


Kadri Haller-Kikkatalo, Kristi Alnek, Andres Metspalu et al.


The presence of autoantibodies usually precedes autoimmune disease, but is sometimes considered an incidental finding with no clinical relevance. The prevalence of …


Discriminating cognitive status in Parkinson’s disease through functional connectomics and machine learning


Alexandra Abós, Hugo C. Baggio, Bàrbara Segura et al.


There is growing interest in the potential of neuroimaging to help develop non-invasive biomarkers in neurodegenerative diseases. In this study, connection-wise patterns of …


Sex-related alterations of gut microbiota composition in the BTBR mouse model of autism spectrum disorder


Lorena Coretti, Claudia Cristiano, Ermanno Florio et al.


Alterations of microbiota-gut-brain axis have been invoked in the pathogenesis of autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Mouse models could represent an excellent tool to understand …


Biodegradable Polymeric Nanocapsules Prevent Cardiotoxicity of Anti-Trypanosomal Lychnopholide


Renata Tupinambá Branquinho, Jérôme Roy, Charlotte Farah et al.


Chagas disease is a neglected parasitic disease caused by the protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi. New antitrypanosomal options are desirable to prevent complications, including a high …


Two-photon dual imaging platform for in vivo monitoring cellular oxidative stress in liver injury


Haolu Wang, Run Zhang, Kim R. Bridle et al.


Oxidative stress reflects an imbalance between reactive oxygen species (ROS) and antioxidants, which has been reported as an early unifying event in the development and …


Touch and Hearing Mediate Osseoperception


Francesco Clemente, Bo Håkansson, Christian Cipriani et al.


Osseoperception is the sensation arising from the mechanical stimulation of a bone-anchored prosthesis. Here we show that not only touch, but also hearing is involved in this …


Nerve regeneration by human corneal stromal keratocytes and stromal fibroblasts


Gary Hin-Fai Yam, Geraint P. Williams, Melina Setiawan et al.


Laser refractive surgeries reshape corneal stroma to correct refractive errors, but unavoidably affect corneal nerves. Slow nerve regeneration and atypical neurite morphology …

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Dean, College of Biosciences


The Scripps Research Institute 


Postdoctoral Research Associate


Rosalind Franklin University of Medicine and Science 


Postdoctoral Fellow


The University of Kentucky 


Postdoctoral Fellow / Physiology


The University of Tennessee Health Science Center 


Senior Scientists (Bioscience)


Sygnature Discovery 


Postdoctoral position




Postdoctorial Fellowship


Oslo University Hospital 


CEPAMS Group Leader Positions


CAS-JIC Centre of Excellence in Plant and Microbial Science 


Public and Community Engagement Manager


African Academy of Sciences 


Director of Research Communications


Yale University 


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6th International Research Conference on Science, Health and Medicine 2017 (IRCSHM 2017)


01.09.17 Dubai, UAE


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