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woensdag 26 april 2017

Medicine, Science and the Law Vol. 57, No. 2, April 1, 2017 is now available online

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Medicine, Science and the Law- Volume: 57, Number: 2 (April 2017)

Original articles

The demographic characteristics of medicolegal death among welfare recipients in Tokyo Metropolis (2008–2013) Hideto Suzuki, Takanobu Tanifuji, Nobuyuki Abe, Tatsushige Fukunaga
Acute forces required for fatal compression asphyxia: A biomechanical model and historical comparisons Mark W Kroll, G Keith Still, Tom S Neuman, Michael A Graham, Lanny V Griffin
An epidemiology of sexual assault among elderly women in the Mthatha area of South Africa Banwari L Meel
The use of human samples obtained during medicolegal autopsies in research: An introduction to current conditions and initiatives in Japan Takako Tsujimura-Ito, Yusuke Inoue, Kaori Muto, Ken-ichi Yoshida
A single-centre review of suspected sudden infant death cases Janos Bokor, Krisztina Danics, Eszter Bencze, Eva Keller, Zoltan Szollosi,

Case reports

Intravenous administration of cannabis and lethal anaphylaxis John D Gilbert, Marc Grabowski, Roger W Byard,
Venous air embolism: An under-recognised entity in blunt-force trauma and the importance of radiology Marna du Plessis, Lorraine du Toit-Prinsloo
In re guardianship of Hailu: The Nevada Supreme Court casts doubt on the standard for brain death diagnosis Greg Yanke, Mohamed Y. Rady, Joseph L. Verheijde

Letter to the Editor

People can die from opiate withdrawal Margaret Mary Stark, Jason Payne-James



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