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woensdag 15 maart 2017

The Lancet: [Articles] Survival, disabilities in activities of daily living, and physical and cognitive functioning a...

[Articles] Survival, disabilities in activities of daily living, and physical and cognitive functioning among the oldest-old in China: a cohort study
Advances in medications, lifestyle, and socioeconomics might compress activities of daily living disability, that is, benefits of success, but lifespan extension might expand disability of physical and cognitive functioning as more frail, elderly individuals survive with health problems, that is, costs of success.
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[Correspondence] The revised US refugee ban, health, and security
President Trump issued a revised travel and refugee ban on March 6, 2017, in the wake of judicial orders preventing implementation of his previous ban.1,2 The new order discontinues the bar on entry into the USA for permanent residents, reduces from seven to six the number of predominantly Muslim countries whose nationals are suspended from entry for at least 90 days, ends the indefinite bar on entry of Syrian refugees, and eliminates a preference for religious minorities in refugee resettlement.
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[Seminar] Influenza
Influenza is an acute respiratory illness, caused by influenza A, B, and C viruses, that occurs in local outbreaks or seasonal epidemics. Clinical illness follows a short incubation period and presentation ranges from asymptomatic to fulminant, depending on the characteristics of both the virus and the individual host. Influenza A viruses can also cause sporadic infections or spread worldwide in a pandemic when novel strains emerge in the human population from an animal host. New approaches to influenza prevention and treatment for management of both seasonal influenza epidemics and pandemics are desirable.
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[Seminar] Cholera
Cholera is an acute, watery diarrhoeal disease caused by Vibrio cholerae of the O1 or O139 serogroups. In the past two centuries, cholera has emerged and spread from the Ganges Delta six times and from Indonesia once to cause global pandemics. Rational approaches to the case management of cholera with oral and intravenous rehydration therapy have reduced the case fatality of cholera from more than 50% to much less than 1%. Despite improvements in water quality, sanitation, and hygiene, as well as in the clinical treatment of cholera, the disease is still estimated to cause about 100 000 deaths every year.
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[Comment] One attack on a health worker is one too many
After 6 years of conflict, the war in Syria is currently the largest humanitarian and refugee crisis. Over 250 000 Syrians have been killed, millions are displaced or living in besieged areas, and 5 million have become refugees.
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