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vrijdag 17 maart 2017

RCGP: RCGP addresses NHS England's extension of GP winter indemnity scheme

RCGP addresses NHS England's extension of GP winter indemnity scheme

She said: "The rising cost of indemnity is a huge concern for GPs right across the UK, so we're pleased that this scheme has been extended to provide extra support for our colleagues who are most affected.

"The College has been working closely with NHS England to help GPs with indemnity costs and we will continue to campaign for long lasting solutions to deal with this ongoing issue."

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Yet again, vital funding for general practice being used to shore up hospitals, says RCGP
She said: "Yet again, we are hearing that vital funding that should be used to provide much needed support for GPs and our teams on the frontline of patient care in the community – where the vast majority of NHS patient contacts are made - is being taken away and used to plug hospital deficits.
"It makes no sense to take funding away from GP services, and instead use it in a way that will only serve as a sticking-plaster solution to an ongoing problem. General practice is the bedrock of the health service – we provide the most cost-effective form of care and in doing so, we keep our patients out of hospitals, alleviating pressures right across the NHS.
"We understand that hospitals are also in desperate need of funding - but we firmly believe that the long-term solution to making health and social care sustainable lies in making sure that primary care services, particularly general practice, are properly resourced.
"NHS England's GP Forward View pledged £2.4bn extra a year for general practice, 5,000 more full time equivalent GPs, and 5,000 more members of the practice team by 2020. We need these promises to be delivered as a matter of urgency so that our colleagues on the frontline and our patients can start seeing the benefits."

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Any changes to the way we work must be made in patients' best interest, says RCGP
She said: "Our population is growing and changing, with our patients living longer and increasingly with multiple, long term conditions, so we certainly need to explore and adopt different ways of working in order to best deal with these changes - but the magnitude and pace of the change being floated here seems extreme.
"The College supports the use of new models of care, including GP surgeries working together in federations or merging, similar to what is being described here, where they can pool resources and share expertise in the best interests of patient care. But we also recognise that these new ways of working won't work everywhere, or for everyone. It's important that GP practices have the autonomy to choose the way in which they work and the services they provide, to best meet the needs of their local population as these GPs are the people best placed to make that decision.
"We also need to see published the long term evaluation of innovatIve schemes where general practice and wider primary care are already working at scale, so that we can properly gauge the impact it is having on patient care, as well as the wider NHS, before we encourage widespread and wholesale change.
"We'd also like our patients to be reassured that GPs are working in their best interests, and any changes to the way we work will only be made with improving patient care at a time when the health service is under great pressure, in mind."

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