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woensdag 15 maart 2017

Key EU news for the NHS

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Keeping you informed of key EU developments

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Need to know

NHS leads the way in new EU clinical networks

Twenty four European Reference Networks (ERNs) for rare and complex diseases were formally launched by the European Commission last week. The NHS is strongly represented in this new flagship initiative, leading six ERNs and with some 40 NHS hospitals involved across the different networks. ERNs are the most advanced form of EU collaboration in healthcare, bringing together leading specialised providers across Europe to tackle complex or rare medical conditions that require highly specialised treatment and a concentration of knowledge and resources.

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Should UK-trained doctors be required to work for the NHS after training? Have your say

Brexit is one of several factors pushing the UK to train and retain more UK-qualified doctors in future. The government has launched a consultation about how to ensure that England not only trains more doctors overall, but also how to boost numbers in “hard to recruit” areas, and in less popular specialties such as general practice and psychiatry. In addition the consultation asks whether medical graduates should be required to work in the NHS for a specified period of time after training and if they do not, whether they should be required to repay some of their training costs.

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New NHS Brexit Bulletin

With Brexit dominating the domestic and EU political agenda, we have launched a new Brexit Bulletin, which provides regular update and analysis on implications for the NHS of leaving the EU. All recipients of the NHS European Office Update have been automatically subscribed to receive our Brexit Bulletin. If you missed it, our first edition is available here.

Lords inquiry on Brexit and labour markets

The Cavendish Coalition, of which our Office is a member, submitted evidence to the House of Lords Select Committee on Economic Affairs inquiry into the impact of Brexit on UK labour markets. The submission, which will be available shortly on the Cavendish Coalition webpage, provides evidence that for the benefit of patients, the UK needs a future immigration system that enables us to continue to access labour and skills from outside the UK. It also argues for a transition period post-Brexit.

Influencing EU Policy

Should off-label use of drugs be regulated at EU level?

With an increasing number of European countries encouraging the use of Avastin (instead of the more expensive Lucentis) for age-related macular degeneration for cost containment reasons, the European Commission recently released a study which takes stock of off-label use practices across the EU. This study will inform the European Commission’s thinking on whether EU rules or guidance should be issued to regulate practices in this area. Our Office will continue to monitoring developments and keep NHS colleagues informed.


Guidance on consent to process personal data – give your views

The new EU General Data Protection Regulation will come into force in the UK in May 2018. To help prepare for implementation, the Information Commissioner’s Office is consulting on a draft version of its guidance on consent. The NHS often does not require consent as the legal basis for processing personal data as it has clear statutory duties, but in some circumstances, consent may be required to process personal data. Please feed your comments or questions about this guidance and its scope to Sarah Collen before 31 March.

Labelling of alcoholic beverages in the EU

The European Commission has just adopted a report requiring industry to propose within a year, a harmonised approach aiming to provide consumers with information about the ingredients present in alcoholic beverages and the nutritional value of alcoholic beverages. Should the Commission consider the self-regulatory approached proposed by the industry as unsatisfactory, it would then launch an impact assessment to review further available options to regulate in this area.

EU Funding

EU Fund for Strategic Investment: opportunities in the health sector

The European Commission organised a major event recently to promote the opportunities offered by the European Fund for Strategic Investment (EFSI) to support the development of innovative health solutions, new effective medicines and social infrastructures. EFSI works as a guarantee fund to unlock investment in higher risk projects. The NHS has routinely accessed European Investment Bank loans for projects such as hospital builds, but the higher risk profile of the EFSI initiative opens up further financing opportunities in new areas.   

EU knowledge sharing

EU good practice in mental health

Of interest to those involved in the design and implementation of mental health policies, this new publication from the European Commission presents a series of examples of good practice in mental health and well-being from across the EU.

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Knowledge platform for chronic diseases management

Earlier this month, CHRODIS, a major EU collaborative initiative on health promotion and primary prevention, including the management of diabetes and multi-morbid chronic conditions, held its final conference. Among its outcomes is the creation of a knowledge platform, which includes a database of good practices, a library with useful papers and a help desk function for those implementing practices on managing and preventing long term conditions.

European study visit on quality and safety

The European Hospital and Healthcare Federation, of which the NHS Confederation is a member, will organise a study visit to Brussels on 4-5 May to look into how quality and safety are assured in the Belgian healthcare system and to facilitate exchange of experience between participants. If you are interested, registration is open.


Healthy Stadia Conference

Registration is open for the fourth international Healthy Stadia conference which takes place in London on 27 April. The European Healthy Stadia Network advocates for sports stadia to become health promoting environments, promoting policies and practices that contribute to improved levels of public health among fans and local communities.  This year’s conference will focus on the interaction between academic research, policy and practice in the field of healthy stadia.

baby being examined The challenge of Brexit for paediatric research | Dr Mark Turner and Sarah Collen
15 / 02 / 2017
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The impact of Brexit on paediatric care must be followed closely over the next few years – Dr Mark Turner and Sarah Collen explain why.