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dinsdag 14 maart 2017

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Pesticides e-bulletin: Change to Contact Details for Pesticides Applicant Enquiries to the Health and Safety Executive's Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD)

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Pesticides eBulletin


Welcome to the HSE Pesticides eBulletin

This e-bulletin is from HSE's pesticides team


Change to Contact Details for Pesticides Applicant Enquiries to the Health and Safety Executive's Chemicals Regulation Division (CRD)

Regulatory Update: 05/2017

Issued: 13th March 2017

New Contact Point for General Enquiries from Pesticide Applicants

The email contact point for general pesticides enquiries made to CRD by Applicants is changing from 1 April 2017.

From 1st April all general enquiries from Applicants not relating to specific applications in relation to pesticides and detergents should be directed to:



Postal address:

Chemicals Regulation Division

Health and Safety Executive,

Room 1A,

Mallard House,

Kings Pool,

3 Peasholme Green,

York YO1 7PX.

All other contact points and helpline numbers can be found on the HSE website on the Pesticides site contact details page  (Note that the contacts page will be updated on 1st April to change the details for Applicant Enquiries).



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HSE eBulletin service Education Update

Latest automated update(s) to Education on HSE's Website:


Health and Safety Executive (HSE) review of the Adventure Activities Licensing Authority (AALA)

We have had an excellent response to the consultation we carried out in January and February. Nearly 1400 individuals representing a broad range of stakeholders, responded to the on-line survey. In addition three meetings were held with key stakeholders in the GB home nations to allow face to face discussions. A separate survey was also sent to young people using stakeholder contacts and so far has received just over 800 responses.

We are delighted with the response but this has provided us with a large amount of information and a significant number of comments to consider.

Originally we planned to carry out a second phase of consultation from mid-March onwards but given the volume of information and comments it will take longer than anticipated to consider the implications of the feedback we have received.

The HSE Board will now consider the full findings of this initial consultation at its meeting on 3 May before we carry out further detailed engagement with stakeholders and other interested parties.