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woensdag 1 maart 2017

Experimental Biology and Medicine Vol. 242, No. 6, March 1, 2017 is now available online

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Experimental Biology and Medicine- Volume: 242, Number: 6 (March 2017)


Quercetin and the ocular surface: What we know and where we are going Tina B McKay, Dimitrios Karamichos

Original Research
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Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Downregulation of transgelin blocks interleukin-8 utilization and suppresses vasculogenic mimicry in breast cancer cells Anastasia R Aikins, , *, MiJung Kim, , *, Bernardo Raymundo, Chan-Wha Kim
Therapeutic effects of hyaluronidase on acquired lymphedema using a newly developed mouse limb model Kangsan Roh, Sungrae Cho, Jae-hyun Park, Byong Chul Yoo, Won-Ki Kim, Seok-ki Kim, Kyewon Park, Hee Kang, Jin-mo Ku, Chang-Hwan Yeom, Kyunghoon Lee, Sukchan Lee

Original Research
Endocrinology & Nutrition

Tetragonia tetragonioides (Pall.) Kuntze protects estrogen-deficient rats against disturbances of energy and glucose metabolism and decreases proinflammatory cytokines Jin Ah Ryuk, Byoung-Seob Ko, Hye Won Lee, Da Sol Kim, Suna Kang, Yong Hyen Lee, Sunmin Park
An estrogen receptor β-selective agonist inhibits non-alcoholic steatohepatitis in preclinical models by regulating bile acid and xenobiotic receptors Suriyan Ponnusamy, Quynh T Tran, Thirumagal Thiyagarajan, Duane D Miller, Dave Bridges, , , Ramesh Narayanan

Original Research

Transcriptomic effects of metformin in skeletal muscle arteries of obese insulin-resistant rats Jaume Padilla, Pamela K Thorne, Jeffrey S Martin, , R Scott Rector, , , Sadia Akter, J Wade Davis, , , M Harold Laughlin, , , Nathan T Jenkins

Original Research

Biological activities of Rosmarinus officinalis L. (rosemary) extract as analyzed in microorganisms and cells Jonatas Rafael de Oliveira, Daiane de Jesus, Leandro Wagner Figueira, Felipe Eduardo de Oliveira, Cristina Pacheco Soares, Samira Estves Afonso Camargo, Antonio Olavo Cardoso Jorge, Luciane Dias de Oliveira

Original Research
Pharmacology & Toxicology

Soy protein isolate inhibits hepatic tumor promotion in mice fed a high-fat liquid diet Kelly E Mercer, , Casey F Pulliam, Kim B. Pedersen, Leah Hennings, Martin JJ Ronis

Original Research
Stem Cell Biology

Impaired redox environment modulates cardiogenic and ion-channel gene expression in cardiac-resident and non-resident mesenchymal stem cells Baskar Subramani, , Sellamuthu Subbannagounder, Chithra Ramanathanpullai, Sekar Palanivel, Rajesh Ramasamy

Original Research
Translational Research

Urinary MicroRNA-30c-5p and MicroRNA-192-5p as potential biomarkers of ischemia–reperfusion-induced kidney injury Yan-Fang Zou, Dan Wen, Qian Zhao, Ping-Yan Shen, Hao Shi, Qiang Zhao, Yong-Xi Chen, Wen Zhang



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