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maandag 20 maart 2017

BBC Health: Restoring my femininity after cancer

Restoring my femininity after cancer
Kat Parker, 29, has been clear of cancer for two years but said her lack of hair left her feeling "unfeminine".
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Women 'should be told' sex of foetus in pregnancy scan
Women should be told sex of their baby as it is their body, their foetus, says leading obstetrician.
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Private care contracts for councils 'being cancelled'
Private home care companies say councils are not paying enough to cover staff wages and other costs.
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Whistleblowers 'to be protected' if they apply for NHS job
The health secretary says he wants to stop discrimination against those raising safety concerns.
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Swimming technique of sperm 'all down to simple maths'
Knowing why some sperm succeed and others fail could help treat male infertility, researchers say.
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