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zondag 12 maart 2017

BBC Health: Jogging with epilepsy

Jogging with epilepsy
Katie Cooke is a runner with epilepsy - when she has a seizure during a race, she wants to get up and keep running, not be taken to hospital.
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Beating bulimia
Philippa found temporary relief from her eating disorder after being treated with brain stimulation.
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Portsmouth couple's joy over surrogacy success
The couple who were duped out of £400 talk of their joy at finally becoming parents via surrogates.
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Why gluten-free might not be so good for you after all
There's a link between a gluten-free diet and diabetes.
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'Guardian angel' autism dog Caddie makes Crufts finals
A "guardian angel" dog reaches the finals of Crufts for helping transform the life of a boy with autism.
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