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dinsdag 21 maart 2017

BBC Health: Down's syndrome mum: 'Don't feel sorry for us'

Down's syndrome mum: 'Don't feel sorry for us'
A mother who has two children with Down's syndrome says she wants the world to know she's proud of them.
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Online care home bed booking system aims to cut hospital bed blocking
The system is aiming to reduce hospital bed blocking with real time bookings of care home beds.
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Right-to-die case: I face unbearable death
A man with terminal motor neurone disease has told the High Court he faces an "unbearable death" because of the law on assisted dying.
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Down's syndrome teenager addresses the UN in Geneva
A teenager with Down's syndrome has addressed the United Nations in Geneva asking them "why all this testing?"
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Risky operation removes parasitic twin from baby
Baby Dominique is recovering in the US after an operation to separate her from her parasitic twin.
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