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maandag 27 februari 2017

Scottish pilot suggests ANPs ‘viable’ alternative to GPs

Scottish pilot suggests ANPs 'viable' alternative to GPs
A primary care model being tested in Scotland, involving advanced nurse practitioners taking over many tasks currently done by GPs, has boosted the quality of care and saved a surgery from closing.
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Film project gives student nurses insight into carers' issues
Student nurses in the West Midlands are learning more about the everyday challenges faced by carers via an innovative project that involves documenting experiences through photographs and film.
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Positive staff attitude helps mental health trust to 'good' rating
Regulators have judged the community mental health services provided for children and young people in Northumbria as "good", with staff attitude singled out for praise.
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Injured London cyclist seeks 'bike minder' nurse Andrea
A cyclist who was given first aid by an off-duty nurse who subsequently offered to look after his bike while he went to hospital is hoping to track her down.
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Merseyside community service transfer may be scrapped
The regulator NHS Improvement has said it could terminate the planned takeover of Liverpool's community services by Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust, and will consider if "a more beneficial transaction" could happen.
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NHS challenges reflected by record high bed occupancy
The latest NHS bed occupancy figures are the highest ever recorded for a third quarter since quarterly data collections began in 2010, providing a further sign of the system's capacity challenges.
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