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vrijdag 3 februari 2017

RCGP: We must stop perpetuating idea that general practice should assist with border control, says RCGP

We must stop perpetuating idea that general practice should assist with border control, says RCGP

She said: "It is the role of GPs and our teams to deliver care to our patients, free at the point of need, regardless of their individual circumstances. We must stop perpetuating this idea that general practice should, in whatever way, assist with border control.

"Patients share information with their GP on the mutual understanding that it will remain confidential. We are very concerned that any process that undermines that crucial trust between doctors and patients will both deteriorate the doctor-patient relationship, and deter vulnerable people from seeking medical assistance when they need it.

"The entire NHS is in a dire financial situation, but we shouldn't exaggerate the amount of money that can be raised through GPs getting involved in cost recovery - particularly when balanced against the administrative and training costs that introducing such a process would incur."

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Continuity of care highly valued by patients and GPs and our teams alike, says RCGP
She said: "The relationship that GPs have with their patients is unique, and in many cases built over time – today's study shows that this continuity of care can lead to both better health outcomes for patients, and reduced healthcare costs because of fewer hospital admissions.
"We know that continuity of care is highly valued by patients and GPs and our teams alike with 80% of UK family doctors deeming it one of the most essential components of general practice. Good continuity of care can be particularly beneficial to the growing number of patients who are living with multiple, long-term conditions.
"But delivering continuity of care is becoming increasingly difficult as GPs and our teams struggle to deal with increased patient demand, with fewer resources, and not enough GPs or practice staff.
"We desperately need the government to deliver the pledges in NHS England's GP Forward View to increase investment in general practice and significantly expand the GP workforce, so that family doctors and our teams can continue to deliver high quality patient care for years to come."

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More must be done to address barriers to out of hours working, says RCGP

"GPs work incredibly hard to deliver care to patients around the clock through our routine service and GP out of hours service, so patients should always be able to access our care when they need it – that this report has found occasions where this isn't happening is very concerning.

"It hammers home how important it is for the government to make good on its promise to deliver 5,000 more extra GPs by 2020. More must also be done to address the serious barriers that serve to make working out of hours an unattractive option for GPs – it isn't just the unsociable hours, but the indemnity costs to work out of hours simply make it unviable in many cases. NHS England's winter indemnity scheme should help with rising costs, but they were already high in the first place.

"Better integration between routine general practice services, and GP out of hours services, is also necessary so that we can work together to ensure proper cover – and so our patients know where to turn when they are sick.

"A safe and sustainable NHS is predicated on having a strong general practice service – but we need enough resources, and enough GPs and practice staff to deliver the care our patients need, whenever they need it."


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