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vrijdag 24 februari 2017

Magpas Air Ambulance: Nr St Ives, serious car incident - Magpas Air Ambulance called to scene

Nr St Ives, serious car incident - Magpas Air Ambulance called to scene
At 3.14am this morning (22nd) Magpas Doctor Scott Knapp and Paramedic Chris Hawkins arrived in a rural location, south east of St Ives, via a Magpas Air Ambulance rapid response vehicle. They had been called to treat a man injured in a single vehicle incident. The Magpas enhanced medical team...
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Nr St Neots, 2x car collision - Magpas Air Ambulance flies to the scene
At 6pm on Wednesday evening (22nd) Magpas Doctor Saad Jawaid and Paramedic Ryan Warwick, landed in a rural location near St Neots via the Magpas Air Ambulance. They had been called by the EEAST Ambulance Service to treat a woman injured in a collision between two cars. The Magpas enhanced medical...
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Cambridgeshire, high winds cause 3x road incidents - Magpas Air Ambulance called to the scenes
Windy conditions across Cambridgeshire today (23rd) caused three road traffic incidents involving a double decker bus, vans and lorries - all requiring the assistance of the Magpas Air Ambulance enhanced medical team. Arriving by rapid response vehicle at around 11am this morning, Magpas Doctor...
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