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zaterdag 4 februari 2017

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Stress eBulletin

Introduction to HSE Sector pilot work

HSE working with stakeholders


HSE Stress policy team is working with stakeholders in three sectors to try to test the appropriateness of the Management Standards (MS) approach to these specific sectors.The intention is to establish evidence that the approach is effective, identifying any potential need to tailor or slightly amend guidance for these sectors where necessary - such as using language more readily understood within the sector for example the term 'line manager' is not always recognisable eg in schools.


The sectors involved were selected from those identified as haviing statistically significantly higher than average levels of incidence of work related stress, in the statistical reports over the last several years - Health and Human Social Care, Central Government and Education.


The three pilots, which are still in the early stages, are:

  • Working with a LA and 23 of its schools;
  • Working with a NHS Board in Scotland; and
  • Working with a HMPS prison.

As part of each pilot we have been speaking to the central authorities - Department for Education, Scottish Government and NHS Scotland, and the Ministry of Justice and NOMS. We have also spoken to groups representing National and local trades unions, to ensure everyone is involved. The MS approach is organisational and so it is very important to ensure everyone is signed up to get involved in playing their part in the process. It is important that employees in all roles have the ability to contribute either directly or via their representatives.


We'll keep you updated as things progress.

Latest on the Stress Summit

Minister signs up to open the event

The HSE Stress Summit is being supported by Minister for Disabled People, the Right Honourable Penny Mordaunt MP, who is intending to open the event. The Summit which supports the Government's push to promote good mental health, tackle ill health and help to keep people in work, will take place on 16th March at the QEII Conference centre in Westminster.

The delegates signed up comprise a mix of senior leaders, directors and key decision makers from large private sector companies, alongside Union representatives, government agencies and a wide selection of consultants and practitioners, so we are looking forward to a lively event.


The Stress Summit has successfully attracted the key professional disciplines involved in managing work related stress and mental health.  This will help it meet its aims of:

  • raising awareness of work related stress and how it can impact on the health of workers and their employers;
  • promoting ideas for tackling such stress and promoting good mental health;
  • contributing to the foundation of a truly multidisciplinary organisational perspective to tackling stress; and
  • eliciting practical ideas on how to develop a more strategic approach.

Act now if you would like to benefit from involvement with this exciting event – there are still some sponsorship opportunities and exhibitor spaces remaining should you want to get coverage of your organisation's messages, too.


For your chance to join HSE, a host of expert speakers and an audience of senior management level decision makers, and employee representatives at HSE's Stress Summit 2017 please contact Sam Derbyshire (Samantha.Derbyshire@hsl.gsi.gov.uk ).

New co-branded guidance

TUC and HSE work together to update guidance for TU representatives

The HSE and TUC have developed an updated version of the TUC leaflet for TU representatives working with employers to manage work related stress within their organisation.


The new leaflet has been co-branded and has been updated to represent some of the more recent stressors - 24/7 contact, new shift patterns etc.


The leaflet will be available from both websites in due course but in the short term it can be found on the TUC website at "Tackling workplace stress using the HSE Stress Management Standards"

Improving Lives - the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper

Consultation closes

The 'Improving Lives – the Work, Health and Disability Green Paper' was published by the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Department of Health (DH).


It reflects the Government's approach to work, health and disability. The goal is to remove the barriers that prevent individuals with disabilities or long term health conditions from getting into, remaining in, or returning to work. The Government wants to join up systems and change attitudes within the welfare system, the health service, and employers, who can benefit from access to a wider pool of talent and skills, improved employee engagement and productivity gains.


DWP and DH recognise that there are challenges to achieving this goal, and during the consultation phase of the Green Paper – which closes 17th February 2017 –want to learn how best to support, encourage and incentivise employers to adopt good practices that support disabled people and people with long-term health conditions to stay in or get back into work. 


An online survey hosted on Citizen Space provides a simple and easily accessible way to respond to all consultation questions.  It can be found at:

https://consultations.dh.gov.uk/workandhealth/consult/consultation/ and we encourage you to contribute your views and ideas to the debate

Contact us

Please keep the good ideas coming and let us know if there is anything you'd like us to cover in these bulletins; you can gives us feedback using the email route or you could join our e:community and share you're ideas, innovations or questions with the group.

Stress guidance - information on a wide range of work-related stress health and safety topics and issues is available on HSE's website.


This bulletin provides a sample of the wide range of information that can be found under 'What's New' on HSE's website.


Please feel free to use this information and pass it on, using your own networks.

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