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zaterdag 4 februari 2017

Experimental Biology and Medicine Vol. 242, No. 4, February 1, 2017 is now available online

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Experimental Biology and Medicine - Volume: 242, Number: 4 (February 2017)


Major involvement of bacterial components in rheumatoid arthritis and its accompanying oxidative stress, systemic inflammation and hypercoagulability Etheresia Pretorius, Oore-Ofe Akeredolu, Prashilla Soma, Douglas B Kell, ,
Targeting extracellular matrix remodeling in disease: Could resveratrol be a potential candidate? Renu Agarwal, Puneet Agarwal

APSA Awardee Submission

The contribution of interleukin-2 to effective wound healing Karen M Doersch, Daniel J DelloStritto, M Karen Newell-Rogers,

APSA Awardee Submission

Viral-derived complement inhibitors: current status and potential role in immunomodulation Hadi Abou-El-Hassan, Hassan Zaraket,

Original Research

Sericin ameliorated dysmorphic mitochondria in high-cholesterol diet/streptozotocin rat by antioxidative property Sumate Ampawong, Duangnate Isarangkul, Pornanong Aramwit

Original Research
Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

BDKRB2 +9/−9 bp polymorphisms influence BDKRB2 expression levels and NO production in knee osteoarthritis Shuo Chen, Lei Zhang, Ruonan Xu, Yunfan Ti, Yunlong Zhao, Liwu Zhou, Jianning Zhao

Featured Article

Activation of CXCL12/CXCR4 renders colorectal cancer cells less sensitive to radiotherapy via up-regulating the expression of survivin Dawei Wang, *, Chengbin Jiao, *, Yanli Zhu, Deshen Liang, Ming Zao, Xiangyu Meng, Jianwei Gao, Yunlong He, Weixin Liu, Jie Hou, Zhaohua Zhong, Zhuoxin Cheng

Brief Communications

Crosstalk between microRNA-122 and FOX family genes in HepG2 cells Subodh Kumar, Ankita Batra, Shruthi Kanthaje, Sujata Ghosh, Anuradha Chakraborti

Original Research
Endocrinology & Nutrition

Fibroblast growth factor 21 reverses suppression of adiponectin expression via inhibiting endoplasmic reticulum stress in adipose tissue of obese mice Qinyue Guo, Lin Xu, Jiali Liu, Huixia Li, Hongzhi Sun, Shufang Wu, *, Bo Zhou*

Original Research
Pharmacology & Toxicology

Beneficial effects of mycophenolate mofetil on cardiotoxicity induced by tacrolimus in wistar rats Hanen Ferjani, Rim Timoumi, Ines Amara, Salwa Abid, Abedellatif Achour, Hassen Bacha, Imen Boussema-Ayed

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