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maandag 6 februari 2017

BBC Health: NHS week: How the system clogs up

NHS week: How the system clogs up
The NHS is under unprecedented pressure. But how do patients flow round the system and what happens to hospitals when they cannot cope?
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NHS week: What the NHS does for you
From the beginning to the end of a lifetime, patients recount their experiences of the NHS.
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NHS week: What's for the chop where you live?
Find out what is happening to the health service in your local area in England.
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NHS week: Which part of the UK is doing the best?
The NHS is in the middle of its toughest winter for many years. So how are the four UK nations performing?
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'Trapped': Thousands call Childline for mental health help
More than 50,000 sought mental health advice in 2016 - with girls far likelier to call than boys.
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