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zondag 5 februari 2017

BBC Health: Ipswich Hospital uses vintage brands on dementia wards

Ipswich Hospital uses vintage brands on dementia wards
A hospital recreates an old-fashioned shop front filled with products from yesteryear to help patients with dementia.
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Antibiotics 'seen using brute force to kill bugs'
Scientists say it is the first study showing antibiotics forcing apart bacteria.
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Motor neurone disease man given Yorkshire voice
A man with motor neurone disease tests his Yorkshire accent voice synthesiser live on air.
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One in 14 on hospital op waiting list as pressures grow
Hospitals are treating more patients, but the number on the waiting list for routine care is still rising.
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Life on an NHS waiting list: Peter's story
One man's experience of life on an NHS waiting list - and the transformation once he left it.
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